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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Childsplay’s “Interrupting Vanessa” highlights importance of friendship

In 10-year-old Vanessa’s world, imaginary friends seem real, while real friends are nowhere to be found. Dealing with the loss of her father, she likes nothing better than to stay in her room alone, where she can create inventions out of found objects. But her mother has other ideas. She invites Timmy Fibbins over to […]

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FINDING PURPOSE IN GRIEF: The MISS foundation offers a light at the end of life’s darkest tunnel

A young mother nears the end of her pregnancy with the hope that this child will be as healthy as her other three children. For some reason, however, she feels a sense that something is wrong. This pregnancy has not been like the others. Her doctor dismisses her concerns, assuring her that all is well. […]

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