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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Fit Method gym in Gilbert promotes family fitness, offers meditation

Perched on a barstool at Starbucks, Gilbert gym owner Felicia Romero sips her whipped-cream-topped grande caramel latte with a smile and an ease most health-conscious people wouldn’t display while consuming so many calories. “That number on the scale doesn’t define you by any means,” says Romero, describing why she started her own workout routine and […]

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20 ways to exercise (play and have fun) as a family this year

With work demands, juggling children’s schedules and managing a household, it’s easy to let exercise and fitness slide from the list of priorities. We all know this isn’t a great long-term plan, because making health and wellness a top priority benefits the whole family. Active adults have lower rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, […]

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Moms: Find the gift of “me time”

“I don’t have time for myself” is a common lament among mothers. With work commitments, managing a household and caring for children, finding pockets of  “me time” is a luxury for most moms. But scheduling downtime isn’t indulgent—it’s essential. A few hours for yourself helps you be your best self, and that benefits your family. […]

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5 reasons running makes me a better mother

The familiar buzz of my iPhone jars me awake. It is 5:30 a.m. and the house is still at rest. Despite the early hour and the temptation to catch a few more minutes of sleep, I slip on my shorts, toss my cap on my head and tiptoe to the garage. My running shoes offer […]

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Scorch and Suns Gorilla keep kids moving in free interactive video

Kids can work out with two of their favorite local sports mascots, thanks to a free interactive video accessible online. “Join the Challenge” was produced in partnership with the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, the Phoenix Suns, the Phoenix Mercury and Univision Arizona to offer educators a new option to keep kids moving. It […]

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Learning to play during recess

Playworks recess training Phoenix

Kari Taylor had girls running up and back on a part of the field at Larry C. Kennedy Elementary School last week, in various organized drills and games meant to increase soccer skills. She was at Kennedy Elementary for a “Soccer Extravaganza” with help from The Phoenix FC Wolves, the new USL PRO professional soccer […]

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Pool safety for pets

It was the middle of the night when my husband and I were awakened by a frantic sound of splashing mixed with helpless, panicky yelps. Being new to pool owning, it took us a moment to follow the sounds outside. Luckily it was still cool at night and our bedroom windows were open. Had they […]

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Pack a lunch from home to prevent obesity

Fighting Childhood Obesity, Arizona Healthy Kids, Packing lunches for school

Want to help your children avoid our country’s epidemic of childhood obesity? Pack lunchboxes for school instead of buying school lunches. That’s one conclusion from a recent study by the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center. Check-ups of 1,003 Michigan sixth graders in a school-based health program showed children who are obese were more likely to […]

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Maybe Sarah Palin, in one of the upcoming Republican primary debates, will cite Lulu as her favorite political philosopher, just as George W. did in the now infamous 1999 debate when he chose Jesus Christ as his. WWLD?

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Wii Are Not Fat!

Our Wii insists that we’re overweight and chastises us for eating too much. I’m not sure what to do about it. My 8-year-old son is developing a body image complex.

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