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Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Parenting in the Digital Age: Helping parents understand social media risks

Jessica Swarner is not a parent. But two things prompted her interest in helping parents better understand social media trends and ways to keep children safe online. While brainstorming for her honors thesis for Arizona State University’s Barrett, the Honors College, Swarner heard about the murder of a young girl linked to someone the girl […]

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Rejecting the pressure to be Pinterest-perfect

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” fruit kabobs? Check. “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” cookie-and-milk bar? Check. “Goodnight Moon” pies? Got ’em. I started planning my son’s first birthday party months in advance. I spent hours scouring Pinterest boards for inspiration. I decided on a storybook theme, and, I’ll acknowledge, went a little overboard. As […]

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Online moms groups in Arizona

North Central Parenting Group, moms groups, Arizona

In a time when women are finding homes, cars, jobs and even spouses online, it makes sense that the Internet would be a natural place to meet mom friends. For some, hearing about online moms groups conjures up images of chat rooms, electronic bulletin boards or other impersonal, virtual communities. Today’s online moms groups couldn’t […]

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Minecraft Mommy

Video games and television are my arch nemeses, the bane of my eternal quest to raise happy, well-adjusted children. I miss those early childhood days when I had control. My kids were the ones who never watched television and only rarely saw a movie. We didn’t get Leapsters or Xbox when everyone else did. My […]

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Google, Facebook and me

It started innocently enough. A few weeks before finals during my first semester in high school, my social studies teacher, Ms. Nunez, needed surgery and couldn’t teach class while she was recovering. To help us study for finals, she set up a Google+ Hangout (a free video chat service) so she could teach the class […]

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Opting out of Facebook:
Why some moms are bucking the trend

It’s Saturday morning and I’m up early with the baby. While she unloads a basket of toys on the living room floor, I take a sip of coffee and reach for my phone. I swipe, tap and scroll through the morning’s “news.” A college friend had her baby several weeks early. A fellow writer I’ve […]

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25th year? Bring it on!

We are very excited to welcome in the New Year. It’s a big one for us. In a couple of months, that nondescript volume number at the top of our masthead will change from 24 to 25. We’ll launch our 25th year as a publication, a company and a deeply committed family of professionals who […]

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Facebook etiquette: Pardon our policy!

Periodically we experience an increase in Facebook posts from people looking to promote their own businesses to our social media audience. We typically remove these posts. We simply don’t feel it is appropriate for others to use our site in a way that is self-serving. We would never post a “Subscribe to RAISING ARIZONA KIDS” […]

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Potty training on Facebook

Charlotte Bentz

In 2009, a local official from my city and his wife each faced six counts of felony child abuse during what they called a “potty-training war” with their adopted daughter. In 2011, a Dallas mother was arrested for gluing her daughter’s hands to the wall during a potty-training incident. As a mother of two small […]

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Thinking "different" on the day Steve Jobs died

Through no one’s fault but my own, I lost a month’s worth of work and email. I am typically very compulsive about weekly backups on my laptop. But in early September I found myself distracted by company in town, a busier-than-usual social life and beautiful, cooler weather in which to pursue adventures on my bicycle instead […]

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