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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Will Instant Pot change your life? We put it to the test

Pressure Cookers are back! Instant Pot has won a following as busy moms struggle to make “real” food faster. Calendar Editor Liz Petroff bought her own and put the trend to the test. I’m not one to jump on a bandwagon when it comes to trends. I actually have to watch the bandwagon for a […]

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Holiday gift guide: 12 books for Christmas and beyond

The Christmas season is a time of wonder; 12 days of togetherness, sharing and caring. Those experiences — wonder, togetherness, sharing, caring — are gifts of the reading experience, as well. That’s why reading and Christmas go together like elves and Santa, whether you choose traditional holiday favorites or outstanding new titles that reflect the […]

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Holiday gift guide: Choosing to give memories

Every year since she turned 9, my daughter has asked for an iPhone for Christmas. There are other items on her list, ranging from a dress she spotted at Target to an art set or a new tennis bag. This isn’t unexpected, but it does push our family to consider what we want our daughter […]

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Gift guide: 10 toys that will spark imaginations this holiday season!

What better way to spend the day than by building, creating and encouraging a child’s imagination! We have a list of 10 toys that will do just that, from time-tested classics to new and innovative finds.   3Doodler Start Printing Pen The world’s first 3-D printing pen. Compact and easy to use, the 3Doodler allows […]

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Does your child want a smartphone? Here’s what to consider

In the past year, my almost 11-year-old daughter has been asking the same question repeatedly: “Can I get a cellphone?” It’s a universal conundrum for parents of tweens; it’s a tough call to determine when a child is mature enough to own a one. There are advantages to holding off: Doing so can minimize distractions, […]

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Southwest children’s books make great holiday gifts

When my boys were small, a friend in the Midwest would frequently call and say, “The Weather Channel said it was 116 (or 118, 122 … whatever) in Phoenix today. Why on Earth would you live in a place like that? Have you lost your mind?” By August, I would be nodding: “Yes, yes, I […]

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2015’s best books for children and teens

best children's books, 2015

Browsing your local bookstore is still the best way to find holiday gifts. We’re sharing some of our favorites from 2015: the best books for children and teens, organized by age and stage to make your gifting a bit easier this time of year. BABIES & TODDLERS “Happy” by Emma Dodd. The story of a […]

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Handmade ornaments are holiday treasures

Felt. Sequins. Yarn. Popsicle sticks. Glue. Lots of glue. These are the things that my daughters’ small hands turned into treasures every December. In those pre-elementary school years, I looked forward to each holiday break—not only for family time and the temporary respite from the weekday routine, but for the handmade surprises that Claire and […]

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Three holiday shopping tips for parents

dinosaur book, holiday gift, Arizona Museum of Natural History, holiday shopping tips for parents

Seeking a change of pace from the big-box stores and chains? Think outside the box! Here are three holiday shopping tips for parents who want to avoid the crowds and find creative gift ideas. Shop local American Express launched Small Business Saturday in 2010 to encourage people to shop small businesses in local communities, especially […]

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Making memories with homemade holiday gifts

Although our three children are all in their 20s now, we often run into former teachers who tell us how much they’re still enjoying homemade gifts from holidays past. One of Lizabeth’s ballet teachers takes out a homemade potpourri-laced candle when decorating her home for Christmas each year, and another uses coasters Lizabeth decorated with paint pens when […]

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