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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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Socks From Santa brings the spirit of the season

The goal was 5,000 socks. But at the end of the day, when all the donations were bundled, tied up in red ribbon and adorned with heartfelt, handmade cards of good spirit and support, more than 9,000 pairs of socks were ready to be distributed to homeless men, women and children served by Central Arizona […]

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Celebrating Christmas in the spirit of Diwali

Hindi songs played in the background while my sister and I decorated our Christmas tree with silver and gold ornaments. When I was a little girl in a small Texas town, my East Indian immigrant parents insisted on celebrating familiar customs associated with the holiday season: ordering fruitcake from the famous Collin Street Bakery in […]

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Happy New Year fireworks craft

This festive craft came to me when when I was trying to figure out a creative way for our family to celebrate New Year’s Day. After noticing the shape of a dish-washing brush in the grocery store, I envisioned the big puffy fireworks we often see ringing in the new year. Given my 2-year-old Grace’s […]

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Eating issues? Holidays can add stress

holiday eating, eating disorder, body image, holidays

The holidays should be a joyful time of year—but for adults and kids experiencing body-image or eating issues, it can actually be stressful. Cramped holiday schedules, get-togethers and large to-do lists exacerbate emotions. It’s important to be mindful of that and be prepared. Here are some tips that can help around the holiday season and […]

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The gift of memories

I’ve always been a saver — maybe because we moved a lot when I was growing up. There’s a giant red double door on a dark grey two-story house that’s indelibly etched in my mind. It borders a wheat field and has a large, lush green lawn out front where most of my belongings sat […]

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A parent’s guide to tech gifts

With the holidays here, digital immigrants — those of us born before the tech boom — scramble to buy popular tech gifts for a generation of digital natives — those who practically emerged from the womb with cell phone in hand. At the same time, parents navigating the ever-changing technological landscape wonder about the long-term […]

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Christmas Angels spread holiday joy

Almost three decades ago, Santa acquired some new helpers for his annual sleigh ride across Arizona. Marlene Klotz-Collins was one of them. In 1986, she was a member of the Salvation Army’s Phoenix Advisory Board, doing what she does best: serving others. The previous year, the Army had displayed a few counter-top Christmas trees with […]

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Family time with “The Nutcracker” ballet

Arizona families can choose from several different versions of “The Nutcracker” this holiday season. Every production is unique. Each company has its own set, costumes and lighting. Each uses different choreography and dancers. Some created additional roles so more kids have opportunities to perform. A few feature live music. Based on an adaptation of German […]

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Recipe for love

Familiar smells of warm butter mixed with sugar waft through the air. Our hands and aprons are covered in white powdery flour. Bowls and batter-covered spoons are strewn across the countertops. Worn papers with cookie recipes handed down from my mother lay amidst the tumult. It’s holiday time and in our family that means cookies. […]

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Christmas in a cup: Eggnog recipes

eggnog French toast, eggnog latte, recipe, Shamrock Farms

If you’re in the market for a low-maintenance Christmas morning tradition, we have a couple good ones for you! And each makes use of a signature holiday beverage, often referred to as “Christmas in a cup” – eggnog. It’s the drink of English aristocracy, created sometime in the late 1700s by those wealthy enough to […]

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