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Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Recipe for love

Familiar smells of warm butter mixed with sugar waft through the air. Our hands and aprons are covered in white powdery flour. Bowls and batter-covered spoons are strewn across the countertops. Worn papers with cookie recipes handed down from my mother lay amidst the tumult. It’s holiday time and in our family that means cookies. […]

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Christmas in a cup: Eggnog recipes

eggnog French toast, eggnog latte, recipe, Shamrock Farms

If you’re in the market for a low-maintenance Christmas morning tradition, we have a couple good ones for you! And each makes use of a signature holiday beverage, often referred to as “Christmas in a cup” – eggnog. It’s the drink of English aristocracy, created sometime in the late 1700s by those wealthy enough to […]

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Keeping the PEACE this holiday season

The holidays are a time for peace, joy and goodwill. However, holiday stress can make people lose site of this, especially when they’re juggling families, careers and even elderly relatives. You must be at peace with yourself before you can spread holiday cheer to others. Here are five suggestions from the experts at St. Luke’s Behavioral […]

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Make a Mayflower

Mayflower craft by Paging Super Mom

Little pilgrims will love making a mini Mayflower. Fold brown paper in half widthwise and use scissors to round the corners on the folded edge to create a boat shape. Cut sails from white paper and tape to straws. Sandwich the straw sails between the two layers of brown paper and tape in place. Tape […]

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No such thing as a bad friend

I recently spent some time with a friend I hadn’t seen in quite awhile. She has two sons, close in age to my own. When all four boys were small, the six of us spent quite a bit of time together. She was the consummate organizer — always quick to suggest a new hiking trail, […]

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Presidents and performing arts

As the nation observes President’s Day, Lynn Trimble looks at performance art — past and future — with a political theme.

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A chance to play Santa

Except for a brief moment of restful regrouping during the Thanksgiving weekend, my staff has been working around the clock for weeks. It’s “that time of year” for us, an annual marathon that tests our energy, our stamina, our resilience and our shared sense of humor. Double-issue deadline time. Our 132-page 2011 Schools, etc. book went […]

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Make a list, check it twice

Most people find the holiday season stressful.  Happy, but stressful.  Adults and children with ADHD are overwhelmed by this time of year.  The overstimulation, lack of routine and bombardment on the senses is palpably mind-blowing.  ‘Tis the season to….     Be totally off any regular schedule Abandon any semblance of routine Eat strange, unfamiliar and […]

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Serial mono-tasker

Hi everyone. I’m gonna take my own advice and focus on one major task at a time….Thanksgiving holiday with my extended family. This year I am especially grateful for new opportunities that have been presented to me and for the well wishes received from blog readers. See ya’ again after the long holiday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. ~~~Debbie

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Sweet snowball cookies

1 cup non-hydrogenated shortening (available at Sprouts) 1 cup powdered sugar (plus a bit more for rolling) 2½ sorghum-corn flour blend 1½ teaspoon xanthan gum 1/3 cup chopped pecans 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract ½ teaspoon salt Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until mixture forms a ball. Remove and shape into […]

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