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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Families Giving Back: Help local homeless families

Since opening its doors in 1964, UMOM New Day Centers has been dedicated to helping homeless families in Phoenix. This year, UMOM acquired Tumbleweed, a nonprofit that helps homeless youth, and the organization continues to work to prevent and end homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions. “Our ultimate goal is to be a leader […]

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Homeless teens find shelter, and hope, at Tumbleweed

Tonight and every night, at least 600 young people in Arizona will find themselves sleeping on the streets. They are homeless — runaways, castoffs, troubled teens — with no place to go. The reasons they’re on the streets are as different as they are, but for every story there’s a common thread: They all need […]

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Cookies 4 Change helps teen entrepreneurs learn life lessons

Cookies 4 Change

On the second floor of Children First Academy, a K-8 school for homeless kids, there is a classroom they lovingly refer to as The Clubhouse. This is where the miraculous story of Cookies 4 Change begins. At 3 p.m. every day after school, seventh- and eighth-graders file into The Clubhouse. Before they even have a chance […]

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Healing the kids nobody wants

Ask Me Why I Hurt, The Kids Nobody Wants, Randy Christensen, Rene Denfeld, homeless teens, mobile medical help

Donald, a developmentally disabled teen from Alabama, rode a Greyhound bus to Phoenix on a one-way ticket. In his hand, he clutched a well-worn paper with a fake address his dad had written out for him—for non-existent “cousins.” He searched the hot, dusty city in vain. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t find his family. […]

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A celebration at Phoenix Children's Hospital

As we approached the table where pediatrician and newly minted author Randy Christensen, M.D. was autographing copies of his book, we joked about being his “groupies.” The book-signing event in the airy, natural light-filled lobby at the new patient tower at Phoenix Children’s Hospital was the second event in the past three weeks that multimedia […]

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RANDAL CHRISTENSEN – A committed doc takes his show on the road

Randal Christensen

Dr. Randal Christensen takes care of some of the Valley’s 5,000 homeless youth and adolescents who live on the streets. He’s medical director of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Crews’n Healthmobile, a medical clinic on wheels. Inside are examining rooms, a nurses’ station and the latest medical technology. Christensen and staff counsel and educate youth on […]

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