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Monday, March 19, 2018

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Schools teaching mindfulness cite improved memory and better behavior

The word “mindfulness” can conjure images of yogis sitting cross-legged on a rug, eyes closed, hands resting on knees, forefingers and thumbs touching. But consider these images: A child taking a moment to breathe instead of lashing out in anger. A child shifting her attention back to the teacher after being distracted for a moment. […]

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The fourth “R” of early school success: self-regulation

“To be, or not to be?” may have been Hamlet’s existential quest, but the mental struggles of young children in school are more of the “to do, or not to do” variety. This challenge is known as self-regulation, which can be described as both a child’s ability to “do” (engage in a learning activity even […]

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Television woes

A study in Pediatrics tells us that all kinds of television can be bad for children age 3 and younger because it increases the risk of attention problems later in life. This includes educational television, non-violent videos, The Nature Channel, all of it. The problem addressed in this study is not that children imitate violent […]

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