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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Teaching fireworks safety to kids

sparkler, fireworks safety

Growing up in Virginia, I learned about fireworks safety early. In our neighborhood near Washington, D.C., fireworks stands began appearing around the first of June. I have great memories of dusk celebrations and running around with the neighborhood kids, waiting for moms to set out lawn chairs and pass out the popsicles while dads lined […]

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Understanding pediatric sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)

Although the risk for SCA increases when children with underlying cardiac disorders participate in athletics, SCA can occur at very young ages and also when a child is at rest.

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An increase in synthetic marijuana use among teens

Synthetic marijuana, known by names such as “K2,” “Spice,” and “Blaze,” produce euphoric and psychoactive effects similar to those associated with marijuana.

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New findings on what may lead kids to binge drinking

What can parents do to make sure kids don’t pick up the cues from the many movies out these days that show alcohol use?

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Preparing for breastfeeding: choosing where to deliver

breastfeeding choosing where to deliver

A key predictor of long-term success for breastfeeding rests on what happens between a mother and her newborn in those precious hours after birth.

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Snoring linked to behavior problems in children

Children who snore or who have other sleep-related breathing problems are more likely to have behavioral problems years later.

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Play ball — but protect young athletes from overuse injuries

Overuse injuries, by definition, are almost all preventable. And the list of significant injuries documented in today’s young athletes continues to grow…

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Helping children with gender identity disorder (GID)

Why would a child be uncomfortable with his or her gender, and what should parents know?

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Rotovirus vaccine, breastfeeding, science…and why I ask the experts

Were researchers for the CDC trying to discourage women from breastfeeding? Were they trying to push vaccines in lieu of breastfeeding? What’s the rotovirus anyway? I’d never heard of anyone catching that in this country.

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Smoker in the family? Pediatricians can help

It can be tough for parents who smoke to limit their children’s exposure to tobacco smoke. But both parents and their pediatricians have a common goal-optimum health for their children.

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