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Monday, March 19, 2018

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Fun family dining destinations in greater Phoenix

When the weekend finally rolls around, most families are eager to spend some quality time together after long days at the office and non-stop school-year schedules. Dining out fits the bill. But it’s not always easy. Kids quickly get bored waiting for their food when faced with the standard in restaurant entertainment: three crayons and […]

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Childsplay’s new “A Very Hairy Javelina Holiday” takes the stage

How would you expect three javelinas to spend the holidays? In Childsplay’s “A Very Hairy Javelina Holiday,” at Tempe Center for the Arts Nov. 19–Dec. 24, Josefina is preparing to dance the “Sugar Plum Hairy,” Juan wants to bake the perfect cookie for Santa, and José? He’s hoping for snow in the desert! But when Cousin […]

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Valley resorts offer serious deals, staycation fun

Yes, summers in the Valley are outrageously hot. But we’re lucky to have resorts galore that happily slash their rates in the hottest months. If we can’t get out of the heat, we may as well get in the pool, go on a moonlit mountain hike or simply relax—all at one of these luxury retreats. […]

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Kids create future worlds at new science-fiction exhibit in Mesa

The i.d.e.a. Museum in downtown Mesa encourages kids to experience real art in a hands-on, kid-friendly (i.e., no shushing) environment. Its newest exhibit, “Sci-Fi: Fantasy to Reality,” aimed at ages 5 to 12, also taps into young people’s intuitive grasp of technology and explores how the imaginations of science-fiction writers have sparked very useful inventions—including […]

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Parents of the world, unite!

When I was growing up, children were supposed to be “seen and not heard.” We did what we were told. We went where our parents decided to go. We ate whatever our mom’s made for dinner. And if we didn’t like it, we were “given something to really cry about.”

Cut to: a generation later and the whole model has been turned upside down…

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