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Saturday, February 17, 2018

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Love in the time of kholera: Kids books about love and kindness

Kids books on the basics of love and kindness (in time for Valentine’s Day) No, it’s not a misprint — “kholera” is the Greek word for the English “choler,” meaning bitterness, anger, malevolence, bile and diarrhea. (Sounds like the Pepto-Bismol song, amirite?) Because of its relation to “cholera,” I think it nicely combines hot-tempered meanness […]

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Bah humbugs abound: “A Christmas Carol” on five Valley stages

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is a perennial holiday favorite, and there is no shortage of opportunities to see it in Valley theaters this month — whether in traditional form or with a new twist on the classic tale. For the 15th consecutive year, Gilbert’s Hale Centre Theatre will present a heart-warming version of the holiday […]

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Remember the non-moms on Mother’s Day

non moms, Mother's Day, chocolate cupcakes

“Guess what, Mom? She made them again!” Within seconds, my daughter had devoured the homemade chocolate cupcake. For the past several years, a friend of mine has baked these goodies “just because.” These random, unexpected surprises are a treat for my daughter, and for me, too, showing how my daughter’s circle of love extends beyond […]

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An open letter of gratitude to my children’s teachers

As we get ready to celebrate National Teacher Day on Tuesday, May 9, local pediatrician and RAK Readers Advisory Panel member Leslee Kelly shares this heartfelt note.  This is dedicated to the many teachers and elementary school staff who have enriched my children’s lives; you know who you are! I hope that I speak for […]

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Teach your child kindness by asking the right questions

At school pickups and dinner tables across the country, parents are asking: “How was school today?” “How did you do on your test?” “How was practice?” Many times, the answers are less than informative. Getting your kids to open up about their day can be like pulling teeth, but it doesn’t have to be that […]

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Ben’s Bells help families share the power of kindness

On the morning of March 29, 2002, the Maré brothers Matthew, 5, and Ben, 2, of Tucson, were playing at home with a friend. Ben had a bit of a cough, but his parents Jeannette and Dean weren’t alarmed—until the unexpected happened. Ben’s airway swelled shut. Despite his mother’s CPR and rescue breathing, he died. […]

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A new twist on character education

Just a few years ago, it was hard to read anything about schools without encountering the phrase “character education.” Every campus I visited seemed to be plastered with colorful signs sporting character education catchwords such as compassion, forgiveness and respect. I don’t hear as much about it these days, but I stumbled on that same trio […]

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Children’s museum helps kids embrace kindness

An international nonprofit called Random Acts of Kindness has designated Wednesday, Nov. 13 “World Kindness Day,” but parents eager to promote the virtue close to home can find all sorts of kindness-related activities at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, which celebrates “Kindness Month” throughout November. Inspiration from farmyard friends Arizona author Linda Exley will read […]

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