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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Paging Dr. Milk: How physician moms find breastfeeding support

Dr. Milk, Laurie Jones MD, breastfeeding

Medical students, residents and physician moms can face unique challenges when it comes to meeting their breastfeeding goals. But when physician mothers experience personal success with breastfeeding, no matter their specialty, there’s a ripple effect that helps all moms.

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Rethinking safe sleep

I didn’t plan to co-sleep. My parents slept all seven of their babies in their bed and I thought they were weird. I brought my first baby home from the hospital to a freshly painted nursery and pretty white bassinet. I was going to be normal. As luck would have it, my hearty little eater […]

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Do breastfeeding moms get less sleep?

Researchers found no difference in objective or subjective total sleep time or sleep quality between mothers who were exclusively breastfeeding, exclusively formula feeding or using a combination of the two.

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