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Monday, March 19, 2018

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Laundry tips from the big leagues: A baseball mom gets advice from a pro

In our family, we celebrate all things baseball, counting down from the time pitchers and catchers report to opening-day ceremonies. Nothing brings out the fan in me more than watching my 9-year-old son play America’s favorite pastime. But as he and other kids across the Valley prepare to play ball, I’m stocking up on laundry […]

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I am a camera

I’m sitting at my computer watching a slide show of photos of happy kids, untroubled parents and a family that clearly loves life, each other and having fun. Who are these people?

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Ode to laundry lint?

After talking with a Scottsdale artist whose work includes “Recycled Reflections,” Lynn Trimble realizes it’s perfectly fine to find beauty in laundry lint — then shares news of Saturday night’s opening reception for “Sacred Places” at the Herberger Theater Center Art Gallery in Phoenix.

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Save the socks!!!!

That’s it! My 9-year-old son has left his last pair of dirty socks on the living room floor! I’m serious. I’ve had it. It suddenly dawned on me this morning. I’m an idiot. I am constantly asking him to pick up his socks. I try to be nice about it, try not to harangue. But […]

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In praise of chores

Kristy Clason was appalled when she saw the homework assignment her son brought home one day. The gym teacher at his California school sent her students home with instructions to learn how to do laundry. “Apparently too many kids were coming into P.E. and not dressing out because the maid hadn’t washed their uniforms,” Clason, […]

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