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Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Holiday gift guide: 12 books for Christmas and beyond

The Christmas season is a time of wonder; 12 days of togetherness, sharing and caring. Those experiences — wonder, togetherness, sharing, caring — are gifts of the reading experience, as well. That’s why reading and Christmas go together like elves and Santa, whether you choose traditional holiday favorites or outstanding new titles that reflect the […]

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PHOENIX – Festival of Tales

Kranitz Student Center at Paradise Valley Community College hosts this free literacy and cultural festival that brings books to life through the art of storytelling and provides thousands of free books to children! Now in its ninth year, Festival of Tales includes arts and crafts, games, face painting, live music, food trucks and more. The event is […]

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Furry friends from Gabriel’s Angels foster strong readers

Students at Humphrey Elementary in Chandler were among the first to try the new Animals, Books and Children program — ABC for short — by Gabriel’s Angels, a local nonprofit that offers healing pet therapy for at-risk kids. ABC pairs kids with a pet-therapy team for fun and furry reading sessions that help improve children’s […]

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“The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage” debuts on Oct. 19

Like the song says, “Breaking up is hard to do.” When you love a wonderful character in a great book, you don’t want to let go, whether the parting comes within the pages or when you close the cover. I know. I’m still not over Ned Stark. Such sweet sorrow! My job has been reading […]

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“Tomás and the Library Lady” celebrates the power of imagination

Tomás, born to a family of migrant workers, loves the stories Papa Grande tells him nightly. Before long, he knows them all by heart. What to do? Fate intervenes when he meets the Library Lady, who opens up a whole new world for him. Reading book after book, he discovers tigers, dinosaurs, explorers and much […]

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Dyslexia: The elephant in the classroom

Walk into a typical elementary school, and what do you see? Besides tiny desks and crayons, you’ll find posters with inspirational messages about learning to read: “Reading is thinking.” “Readers are leaders.” And my personal favorite: “Reading takes you places.” The philosophy is this: First you learn to read. Then you read to learn. In […]

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“Grammy Likes Me Best” authors to sign books at Changing Hands Phoenix

Local children’s authors Terri Mainwaring and Bonnie Apperson Jacobs are excellent examples of doing well by doing good. Throughout their long careers as public school teachers and administrators, they devoted themselves to the intellectual and emotional development of kids. Now in “retirement,” that commitment has not weakened; they have merely changed hats. As writers and […]

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Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s books radiate light and love

I am so sick of woo-woo moments I could scream. Yes, woo-woo moments — phenomena called synchronicity by physicists and Jungians — those tiny, magical occasions of stars aligning, of paths crossing, of spooky action at a distance, courted by and beloved of romantics and writers everywhere. I’m having way too many of them, and […]

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Winter-break blues? Curl up with a kids classic book series

Ah, winter school break in Arizona: The cool, crisp air of expectation; the cloudless, blue skies of freedom; the warm sunshine of family togetherness; the lofty mountains of opportunity; the great, green forests of possibility; and the sweeping vistas of unstructured time stretching out to the horizon — two wonderful weeks of it. Aren’t you […]

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31 (somewhat) spooky Halloween books for kids

Every holiday celebration helps cultivate children’s roots — those strong, deep connections to family, traditions and values. Halloween festivities can help kids develop and test their wings, too, by encouraging curiosity, exploration and new perspectives. Like the magic potion made by the young frog in William Steig’s “Gorky Rises,” Halloween is a mix of everyday […]

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