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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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Love in the time of kholera: Kids books about love and kindness

Kids books on the basics of love and kindness (in time for Valentine’s Day) No, it’s not a misprint — “kholera” is the Greek word for the English “choler,” meaning bitterness, anger, malevolence, bile and diarrhea. (Sounds like the Pepto-Bismol song, amirite?) Because of its relation to “cholera,” I think it nicely combines hot-tempered meanness […]

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Get Savvy: Kathleen Buckstaff’s book for teens

Have you ever crossed paths with someone you just knew would be a cherished friend, if only a few circumstances were different? For me, Kathleen Buckstaff is one of those people. I’ve only met her once, to my recollection. So I don’t really know her that well. And yet I know her. This month, I […]

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Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s books radiate light and love

I am so sick of woo-woo moments I could scream. Yes, woo-woo moments — phenomena called synchronicity by physicists and Jungians — those tiny, magical occasions of stars aligning, of paths crossing, of spooky action at a distance, courted by and beloved of romantics and writers everywhere. I’m having way too many of them, and […]

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Recipe for love

Familiar smells of warm butter mixed with sugar waft through the air. Our hands and aprons are covered in white powdery flour. Bowls and batter-covered spoons are strewn across the countertops. Worn papers with cookie recipes handed down from my mother lay amidst the tumult. It’s holiday time and in our family that means cookies. […]

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What’s the word?

An exhibit of photographic works by Betsy BretHarte and Mary Kay Zeeb features the faces of folks they’ve encountered during daily travels. Explore their WORD exhibit through March 26 at the @Central Gallery inside the Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix.

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Wanna snuggle?

At first he just stared at me as if I had several rotating heads, each with disco ball strobing effects. Clearly I had lost my mind. After all, he was almost 8 years old! That’s only 22 years away from 30. Snuggle? On my lap? How horrifying. I mean, what if someone saw us?

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Magic or madness; the choice is up to you

“I’m grateful for everyone at this table and everything on this table,” he managed to slur out in between massive mouthfuls of mashed potatoes. Now, normally, that might be enough of an answer for an 11 year old boy. But this seemed oddly abrupt for my theatrically inclined, loquacious eldest son who has never missed an opportunity to speak in front of an attentive crowd.

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Flash football!

“But it’s only a matter of time before he becomes the laughing stock of the team. Then the kids will exclude him from everything. No one will ever pass him the ball. It’s just a disaster waiting to happen.”

“O.K.,” I said, rather astonished by his catastrophic prophecy. “But I think you’re maybe over-reacting. Does this per chance bring up something painful from your own past?”

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Back to school roller derby

Lace up your skates, moms. It’s time to hit the aisles and go for the gold. If you’re fast and tough, you might actually secure that Justice League lunch box and water bottle your kid’s been pining for all year. Show no mercy. It’s back to school time.

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Kids say the darndest things.

The mom at my gym told me there were water spots on her son’s letter and that he’d circled and labeled them “tears.” Can there be anything more painful than that?

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