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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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Gift guide: Ideas for the holidays and beyond

This month goes by in a blink. Need some easy ideas for holiday gifts? Here’s a quick roundup of memorable gifts, toys and gadgets for all ages. SmartGurlz. Finally, here’s a STEM toy created for girls. It may look like a doll on a Segway, but it’s really a cool coding robotic toy. To help […]

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Father’s memories inspire “The Giver”

Author Lois Lowry, whose 1993 novel The Giver inspired a new film with the same name, got to thinking about the importance of memory after seeing her aging father’s memories begin to fade. He’d eventually forget the death of his first child and his involvement in World War II. But he was content. The experience […]

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The gift of memories

I’ve always been a saver — maybe because we moved a lot when I was growing up. There’s a giant red double door on a dark grey two-story house that’s indelibly etched in my mind. It borders a wheat field and has a large, lush green lawn out front where most of my belongings sat […]

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Recipe for love

Familiar smells of warm butter mixed with sugar waft through the air. Our hands and aprons are covered in white powdery flour. Bowls and batter-covered spoons are strewn across the countertops. Worn papers with cookie recipes handed down from my mother lay amidst the tumult. It’s holiday time and in our family that means cookies. […]

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Making memories with dad

Todd Steinmetz, Cole, Owen, Time with dad, father and son bonding time

My son loves to take our little dog for a walk with his father. Unlike my approach to dog walks (quick and efficient), the boys take their time. They look at bugs and play with other dogs. At night, they talk about the stars overhead. Sometimes they get home past bedtime and I’m a little […]

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Proofreading lessons

Is it kid’s meals or kids’ meals or kids meals? That was the sticking point in November, when we published our annual “Kids Eat Free” directory. Today, as I assembled seven proofreaders’ corrections to our June issue, there were questions about colons, capitalizations and hyphens. One of my proofers noticed inconsistencies in how we were […]

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Claire’s cloud nine

off to college, childhood memories, napping at all ages, picking your battles, NAU

I just made my daughter’s bed. Of course it was hardly the first time I’ve done this. I’ve made Claire’s bed countless times over the past 20 years. But now that she’s away at school, up at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, the task feels different, unlike the typical, mindless household chore. The first bed […]

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Spring Cleaning

The Passover story tells how the Jews left Egypt and were freed from decades of slavery. I sometimes wonder if my culinary servitude isn’t God’s way of offering me experiential understanding of my ancestors’ plight.

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Memories of Japan

I have a standing appointment each Tuesday morning at 9. Afterward, I typically stop by a nearby coffee shop to get a coffee and a bottle of water. Then I pull out my laptop and get to work. Though the location offers free wi-fi, I try to avoid using it. Internet connectivity breeds distractions. This […]

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Weekly photo challenge: shadow

Sometimes a shadow is an echo. A memory. A moment that thrilled, touched, moved. Sadness that it has ended and the flicker of hopeful anticipation that it may come again. Three-time Grammy Award winning musician Tom Chapin performed for 3,500 school children this week during three separate performances at Higley Center for the Arts in […]

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