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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Free summer program for teens interested in healthcare careers

High school students interested in an in-depth look at healthcare careers have until Sunday, May 1, to apply for Midwestern University’s eight-day Health Careers Institute for High School Students, which takes place on the university’s Glendale campus July 9 through 18. The free program is open to high school juniors and seniors. Forty-eight participants will […]

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Cuts for Kids offers haircuts for a cause

Cuts for Kids, Locks of Love, Midwestern University

Ready for some shorter summer hair styles? Here’s a way to check “haircuts” off the family to-do list while giving back to others. The 16th annual Cuts for Kids program takes place from 4 to 7pm on Monday, March 16 at Midwestern University’s Glendale campus at 19555 N. 59th Ave. For a modest donation, kids, moms […]

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Free dental sealants for kids

Think of dental sealants as protective nail polish for the teeth. Dental sealants consist of a plastic coating that blankets the grooves of tooth enamel, creating a smooth surface that is much easier to keep clean. Dental sealants can cost between $35 to $60 per tooth at a private dental practice. But on Super Sealant Saturday, Midwestern University […]

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Tracking javelinas with SRP grants, and other education news

SRP awards Learning Grants SRP has awarded $125,000 in Learning Grants  to 29 Arizona schools. Many of the schools sought grants for science and STEM related projects and quite a few are using the grant money to purchase iPads to facilitate learning. Fountain Hills High School has an intriguing project, previously funded by an SRP […]

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Education and schools weekly roundup

Student musicians, singers and songwriters in the Cave Creek Unified School District will have more performance opportunities with the newly formed “Rock the District Unplugged” concerts organized by the Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation. Donations and tips during the performances will be used for classroom resources and technology, international learning, health and wellness, and music […]

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Long luxurious locks lopped for Locks of Love

Every year for 13 years Midwestern University in Glendale has brought in hairstylists from various salons to cut hair for the Cuts for Kids event. People who are willing to donate 10 inches or more of their hair get a free cut and their tresses are donated to Locks of Love to make wigs for […]

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Parting shots

Many pictures I take for Raising Arizona Kids don’t get into the magazine or onto our website. Some images don’t really tell the story the writer is telling but rather the story of me going to get the picture. Sometimes in the course of shooting an assignment there are funny or odd moments worth sharing. […]

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Choosing Halloween candy? A dentist weighs in…

For parents après Halloween there is always the question of what to do with that much candy. You have some choices.

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Molars sealed free


Teeth become pitted, grooved and rough, especially molars from all that chewing. Smoother front teeth are protected by fluoride but molars need a little help to prevent tooth decay in kids.  Dental sealants add a layer of protection from decay. Dental students at Midwestern University in Glendale will check children’s teeth Oct. 8 for free. […]

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Backpack check: Eight tips for a safer backpack

Lugging around a backpack that doesn’t fit properly can be a real pain in the neck — and back — for children and teens. Anthony Will, D.O., of the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University, and a practicing physician at the University’s Multispecialty Clinic in Glendale, offers these tips for  choosing the best backpack: […]

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