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Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Summer Brain Quest Kick-Off Event

Summer Brain Quest Kick-Off Event. As part of a nationwide summer kick-off party, Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix will host this event to mark the release of Brain Quest’s educational workbooks aimed at stopping “summer slide.” Event includes hands-on crafts, educational games, photo opportunities and snacks. Hosted by local mom blogger and event planner Bettijo […]

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Spooky Slime for Halloween

Halloween craft, spooky slime, make slime, crafts with kids,

If your children don’t mind getting their hands dirty, work together to create this delightfully disgusting slime. Empty a four-ounce bottle of school glue into a bowl. Fill the empty bottle with warm water, shake and pour out into the bowl. Color the slime by mixing in two tablespoons of acrylic craft paint or eight […]

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Halloween crafts: An all-seeing pumpkin

It’s time to pull out the Halloween crafts, and this one “wicked” easy! A handful of googly eyes and regular school glue is all it takes to elevate an orange squash to front-porch scare status. In our hot climate, carved-pumpkins have a surprisingly short life. So this knife-free decorating method is ideal, not to mention […]

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Summer craft: Dive sticks that glow

Summer nights in the pool are a highlight of childhood in Arizona. This simple, kid-friendly craft will add a bit of magic to those twilight swims. All you need is a few plastic water bottles, glow sticks and pebbles. • Add five or six pebbles to the water bottle to help it sink. • Snap […]

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How to make a sundial clock

Sunny Arizona gets a bad rap in the summertime, but you can wow the kids by showing them how to use the sun to tell time. This simple sundial clock is made from a paper plate, a pencil and a free printable clock-face template. Paint the back of the plate or leave it plain. Cut […]

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Fun and easy bird feeder craft for kids

Cheerio-Feeder, Paging Super Mom

This mess-free bird feeder craft is easy to make with the kids. Thread cereal Os onto pipe cleaners. Bend the pipe cleaners into a circle and twist the ends together. For a more finished look, tuck the ends back into the cereal. Make as many cereal hoops as desired and connect them to make a […]

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Easter craft – Bunny masks!

Real Crafts, Bunny masks, Paging Super Mom

Here’s an Easter craft that will have the kids hopping! These easy bunny masks are quick and fun to make. Center three white pipe cleaners at the top of a tongue depressor or Popsicle stick. Then wrap around once and twist all the ends together like a twist tie. Bend three ends out each side […]

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St. Patrick’s Day craft – Lucky pennies

Make a lucky charm for St. Patrick’s Day using these tricks to make pennies shine: Mix ½ cup vinegar and 1 teaspoon salt in a non-metal bowl. Stir until the salt dissolves. Place eight to 10 pennies in the solution for about 30 seconds. Remove, rinse and dry. Getting those pennies to shine is not […]

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Homemade strawberry milk

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this special treat. Healthy, homemade strawberry milk is easy to whip up in a blender with 1 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen), 1½ cups milk, ½ cup vanilla yogurt and 1 tablespoon honey (optional). Add a Cupid’s arrow straw to make it extra sweet. Cut a one-inch-wide strip of white paper. […]

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Tin can craft is a wrap!

If being better organized is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, then these fuzzy, catch-all cans might come in handy as pretty organizers. All you need is a clean can, yarn and glue. Prepare the can by removing the label and cleaning inside and out, ensuring there are no sharp edges. Begin decorating by […]

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