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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Holiday craft: Magic string ornaments

These oversized ornaments are easy and fun to make with your kids, who will be impressed by how they keep their ball shape. To make this holiday craft: Cut a strand of yarn approximately 10 yards long and soak in liquid starch. (This is the same store-bought starch called for in the October slime recipe, […]

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Turn recycled cans into harvest drums

Little ones will enjoy keeping a beat on these tribe-inspired drums. Made from balloons and recycled cans, they’re a perfect centerpiece for the kids table at a Thanksgiving feast. • Gather and clean open cans in various sizes. • Cut and discard the skinny neck off a balloon and stretch the larger piece over the […]

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Binoculars craft encourages exploration

Through a child’s eyes, the world is an amazing place! Encourage your little one’s imagination by constructing a fun set of play binoculars. To make this binoculars craft: Tape together two toilet paper rolls side by side. Cut a strip of paper approximately 3×11 inches wide. Let your child decorate the paper as desired with […]

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Plant an egg carton

With some adult supervision, a little garden is a lot of fun for kids to plant and maintain. Now is a great time to plant cucumber seedlings that will produce fruit in early summer. Cucumbers don’t like their roots disturbed, so start seedlings inside eggshells that can be planted directly into the soil. The nutrients […]

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Make a rainbow!

Lure your little leprechauns with this colorful craft that is sure to end in gold. Cut strips one inch wide from the long side of the paper, making one for each color. Stack the strips in rainbow order, with red on top. Leave the red strip full length, then trim each strip one inch shorter […]

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Valentine’s Day craft: framed heart art

Fingerprints and smudges all over the windows, kitchen table and bathroom are a regular part of family life. Preserve your little one’s fingerprints in a Valentine craft you will always treasure. Let the child fingerpaint a picture while an adult cuts a heart out of the center of a piece of white cardstock. After the […]

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Homemade gift tags with a chalkboard motif

Make simple and stylish monogram tags to dress up holiday packages with just chalk and black cardstock. To begin your homemade gift tags, cut cardstock into tag shapes and punch a hole for stringing onto the gift. Use standard chalk to draw the initial of the gift’s recipient. Chalk writes surprisingly well on black cardstock […]

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Real Gobble Craft: Turkey Tambourine

This festive noisemaker will keep kids busy while the Thanksgiving feast is being prepared. Use brown watercolor paint to cover the backsides of two small paper plates and let dry. Cut a bunch of colorful hand “feathers,” tracing both adult and child hands. With one plate, brown-side down, glue feathers along the topside to create […]

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Bike race birthday party

Tour de Liam, Biking birthday party theme, bike race, outdoor activites, arizona parties

When there are lots of neighborhood friends who love to ride their bikes together, host a birthday party that feels like an official bike race.

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Island birthday party

Pool parties are popular in Arizona. Make a stylish upgrade at your next birthday party by incorporating décor and details that will transport guests from the desert to a tropical island paradise.

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