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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Teaching kids to collaborate

In one corner of the room, two children look for pieces to complete a puzzle. At the horseshoe-shaped table, students huddle around a teacher and work on an art project together. In another area, students learn about geometric shapes as they construct a tower. Early elementary classrooms are full of opportunities for children to work […]

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Teaching fireworks safety to kids

sparkler, fireworks safety

Growing up in Virginia, I learned about fireworks safety early. In our neighborhood near Washington, D.C., fireworks stands began appearing around the first of June. I have great memories of dusk celebrations and running around with the neighborhood kids, waiting for moms to set out lawn chairs and pass out the popsicles while dads lined […]

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Wind tunnel wisdom

Wind Tunnel Wisdom

In my mind is a curious catalogue of dreams I’ve collected from more than 58 years of sleep: I am able to fly like a bird, swimming through the air with a feeling of happiness and freedom. In reality, I am a white-knuckle airline passenger. I was a white-knuckle parent, too. Now, I am old […]

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Parenting without punishment, time-outs or yelling

Dr Lynne Kenney, BLOOM, The Family Coach, Phoenix, Arizona, PEN Phoenix

What if someone told you it was possible to raise great kids without yelling at them, putting them in time-outs or otherwise punishing them? Wouldn’t you want to learn more? You have that opportunity on Wednesday, May 13, when PEN Phoenix presents a workshop for parents featuring Scottsdale pediatric psychologist and author Lynne Kenney, PsyD. […]

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“Workshopping” moms of Mothers Who Write

Mothers who write, Amy Silverman, Deborah Sussman

There is something about becoming a parent that makes you wax poetic in ways you never did before. Or, at least, you would if you had the time. If writing is your thing—and you can make the time—check out the biannual (spring and fall), 10-week Mothers Who Write workshop. The group meets weekly at Scottsdale […]

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The Big Book of Parenting Tweets

The Big Book of Parenting Tweets

@BuriedWithKids:  Letting 7yos make toast was not my best parenting idea. Related: All the smoke detectors in the house are in great working order. I had the good fortune of picking up this book at the end of a particularly trying day with my kids. I am happy to report that—only a few pages in—tears […]

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Paradise Valley Mothers of Multiples to the rescue

Paradise Valley Mothers of Multiples

My daughters were about three hours old when I realized that parenting twins was not like parenting a “singleton.” While there are many common themes (crying, pooping, etc.), being a mom to twins introduced its own unique set of challenges. Actually, two of them. And the higher-order multiples you have—triplets, quadruplets, etc.—the further removed you […]

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Past, present and future folded into origami cranes

I was lucky to have my obachan, my Japanese grandmother, live with us for extended stretches of time while I was growing up. We sang Japanese nursery rhymes, rolled sushi for lunch, played cat’s cradle and folded sheet after sheet of paper into origami frogs, balloons and cranes. Those origami cranes became my trademark. They […]

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Raising multiethnic, multiracial children

“Why are you writing about that?” my 14-year-old daughter, Isabel, asked when I told her about this month’s “Voices from the Village” topic on race and ethnicity. She said she didn’t think it was an issue. When I asked her how she felt about having a mom who looks so different from her, she said, […]

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Tips for choosing your child’s voice teacher

Toby Yatso, finding a voice teacher, tips for choosing your child's voice teacher, Phoenix Theatre

Maybe your child loves chorus classes at school, or sings a bit when performing with local theater companies. Before you take it to the next level with private voice lessons, check out these tips for choosing your child’s voice teacher, shared by Toby Yatso, faculty member at the ASU School of Music in Tempe. Follow […]

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