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Monday, February 19, 2018

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2E movie – a special screening for parents

Parents Education Network (PEN) Phoenix is hosting a special screening of the Thomas Ropelewski film “2E” about the journeys of a group of twice-exceptional high school students in Los Angeles. Children who are considered twice exceptional are intellectually gifted but have special challenges in other areas that may include attention-deficit disorders, dyslexia, executive functioning challenges […]

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Parenting without punishment, time-outs or yelling

Dr Lynne Kenney, BLOOM, The Family Coach, Phoenix, Arizona, PEN Phoenix

What if someone told you it was possible to raise great kids without yelling at them, putting them in time-outs or otherwise punishing them? Wouldn’t you want to learn more? You have that opportunity on Wednesday, May 13, when PEN Phoenix presents a workshop for parents featuring Scottsdale pediatric psychologist and author Lynne Kenney, PsyD. […]

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Two Valley moms behind new Arizona dyslexia law

Poetry in the Park, Arizona dyslexia law, MJ Kasten

A serendipitous meeting of two Valley moms resulted in SB 1461, a new Arizona law that offers a first step toward providing support to kids and families struggling with dyslexia. Meriah Houser and Jenifer Kasten met during art therapy for their kids, where they discovered that their children’s anxiety at school was caused by the […]

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PEN Phoenix supports families facing learning and attention differences

As a preschooler, Colin Erfle struggled to learn the names of colors. He couldn’t memorize the ABCs. Rhyming was tough. “He couldn’t memorize our phone number,” recalls his mother, Julie Erfle, of Phoenix. “I couldn’t teach him the names of the letters. He would spell his name ‘C, circle, straight line, dotted line, hump.’” Colin […]

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For Arizona kids with learning differences, what’s after high school?

Simon Crawford, NorthBridge College Success Program, ADHD, dyslexia, ASD, Scottsdale

The idea of college and postsecondary education can be very intimidating to families with children who have attention and learning differences. Parents will learn strategies for success at a Thursday, Feb. 26 parent education event sponsored by Parents Education Network (PEN) Phoenix. “College is absolutely accessible,” says Simon Crawford, director of academic services at NorthBridge […]

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