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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Physician moms talk work-life balance and accepting help, imperfection

Long nights. Split-second decisions. Caring for our most vulnerable. These are just some of the pressures faced by physician moms. And the caretaking isn’t over when they go home—that’s when they focus on their kids. How do these women do it? How do they balance the demands of work and family? Do their roles as […]

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Breastfeeding support for physician moms

Laurie Jones, MD

Pediatrician and new mom Laurie Jones, M.D., just couldn’t get her first-born daughter, Caroline, to latch. She’d been to three lactation consultants. Nothing worked. “I knew how important it was to breastfeed her,” Jones says. “My mother had nursed me until I was a year old. My husband supported me. But I was bleeding and […]

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