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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Principal Chris Lineberry: Recess is his favorite subject

Do you ever think about how much recess time your child is getting? Does your student’s school have set guidelines? It’s something Stanfield Elementary School Principal Chris Lineberry thinks about a lot. This year, he co-authored the book, “Recess Was My Favorite Subject…Where Did It Go?” and watched with interest this past legislative season as […]

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Let them play! Expert argues recess builds brains, social skills

Abby Loebenberg, PhD, is a play advocate. As an anthropologist and honors faculty fellow at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University, she researches play-based learning. Unstructured play has been marginalized in American society and is often perceived as a waste of time, says Loebenberg. With dwindling school funding, daylong, structured coursework and an […]

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Chris Lineberry: Putting kids first

A heart attack at age 36 would forever change school principal Chris Lineberry, EdD. After Lineberry recovered, he huddled with faculty and staff to find ways to cope with stress and improve overall health and wellness for everyone at school. Lineberry banished sugary, overly processed foods from the cafeteria menu and required an hour of […]

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CHRIS LINEBERRY – Putting kids first

Chris Lineberry, EdD, is the principal at Stanfield Elementary School near Casa Grande. Here, he talks to multimedia journalist Vicki Louk Balint about kids on statins, redefining how academic success is measured and more cafeteria time to eat lunches in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to being an innovative educator, Lineberry also co-directs the nonprofit […]

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Learning to play during recess

Playworks recess training Phoenix

Kari Taylor had girls running up and back on a part of the field at Larry C. Kennedy Elementary School last week, in various organized drills and games meant to increase soccer skills. She was at Kennedy Elementary for a “Soccer Extravaganza” with help from The Phoenix FC Wolves, the new USL PRO professional soccer […]

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Recess Before Lunch concept gains momentum

After a morning of academic work and quiet cooperation, most elementary school students are ready to blow off some steam. When the lunch bell sounds, they can’t wait to get moving and to talk with their friends. So where do we send them? At most schools, straight to the lunchroom—where they chat with buddies and […]

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