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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Schools teaching mindfulness cite improved memory and better behavior

The word “mindfulness” can conjure images of yogis sitting cross-legged on a rug, eyes closed, hands resting on knees, forefingers and thumbs touching. But consider these images: A child taking a moment to breathe instead of lashing out in anger. A child shifting her attention back to the teacher after being distracted for a moment. […]

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SCOTTSDALE – Tween Etiquette Class

Certified etiquette instructor SueAnn Brown offers a four-week etiquette class for boys and girls ages 9-12. The class is designed to teach tweens important social skills.

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Can’t afford preschool?

Most parents recognize the value of a good preschool education. Preschool offers a chance for young children to learn social skills and develop building blocks for future learning. But many Arizonans remain affected by the difficult economy. Some have lost jobs; others are working reduced hours. What if there is no room for preschool tuition […]

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