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Saturday, February 17, 2018

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Special-needs melt down? Show compassion, not judgment

“A little support goes a long way.” — Amy Kenzer, vice president and clinical-services director at Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center in Phoenix. Picture yourself on an airplane, seated next to a screaming toddler. We’re talking a full-throttle kicking, screaming terror. He’s banged your seat, interrupted your sleep and ruined your favorite shirt with […]

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Managing meltdowns (part 2): Understanding “giving in”

In my previous “Managing Meltdowns” post, I referred to the practice of helping your child calm down using a two-step technique that focuses on acknowledging their feelings and helping them learn to cope with those feelings. Parents often confuse this practice of acknowledgement with “giving in” or “giving them attention for bad behavior,” believing that by […]

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Managing meltdowns: Helping your child cope with tantrums

We’ve all witnessed a child (sometimes our own) in full meltdown mode, as well as the tantrum that inevitably accompanies it. It can happen anywhere — like the grocery store checkout line — at any time. All you really want to do is quickly end the fit so your child calms down. As a clinical […]

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The makings of a meltdown.

1.) I am late for everything. This is a flaw that I seem unable to overcome. I feel badly about myself for my tardiness. But when it negatively impacts my children, I feel even worse. Translated, the message I get in this type of situation is:

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