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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Turn recycled cans into harvest drums

Little ones will enjoy keeping a beat on these tribe-inspired drums. Made from balloons and recycled cans, they’re a perfect centerpiece for the kids table at a Thanksgiving feast. • Gather and clean open cans in various sizes. • Cut and discard the skinny neck off a balloon and stretch the larger piece over the […]

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Create an attitude of gratitude with upcycled crafts

With Christmas decorations taking over stores, catalogs clogging our mailboxes and wish lists being drafted, it’s easy to rush through Thanksgiving without pausing to reflect on everything we’re thankful for. We’re as eager as anyone to put up Christmas decorations and hum favorite carols, but to have a day dedicated to giving thanks and sharing […]

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Make a Mayflower

Mayflower craft by Paging Super Mom

Little pilgrims will love making a mini Mayflower. Fold brown paper in half widthwise and use scissors to round the corners on the folded edge to create a boat shape. Cut sails from white paper and tape to straws. Sandwich the straw sails between the two layers of brown paper and tape in place. Tape […]

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