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The fine art of farce

Sardines. Boxer shorts. Rotary-dial phones. It all sounds rather sad -- until you put it all together with the cast and creative team of Phoenix Theatre's "Noises Off" -- the side-splitting opening to their 90th season, which elevates farce to fine art in a hilarious production directed by Matthew Wiener.

The good, the bad and the ugly

I was stunned and horrified. Could this be true? Was I living in some kind of Tipper Gore world of censorship without even knowing it. I wanted to race out and watch “Seven Pounds,” or “The boy in Striped Pajamas.”

Hey Voldemort, watch out for Yoda!

What would happen if Luke Skywalker met Harry Potter?

Family first, sewing second

Gilbert mom Jen Wilson's business, All Sewn Up was born from her love of sewing. Her goal: to offer moms affordably priced specialty items...

Accidental by design

Scottsdale designer Christina Invanhoe fell into her passion seemingly by chance, but she credits her opportunities and success to her faith. Tell me about Ivanhoe...

Pampering princesses across the Valley

Cindy Owens of Desert Ridge is a girly girl, a mom and the owner of girly boutique and birthday party venue Girly Girlz, with...

Puppet play: setting the stage for social skills

The crowd cheers. The actors take a bow. The curtain closes with a dramatic swish. But this isn’t the latest production at ASU Gammage—it’s...



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