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Mother’s Day: The Coronavirus Edition

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and we all know brunches, spa days and many of the usual traditions and gifts are not going to...

How to do a drive-by birthday party

As we get deeper into quarantine, people have gotten creative with birthday celebrations. One result: the drive-by birthday party.

Pandemic Parenting Poll results show extent of the summer camp uncertainty

The pandemic has brought tough choices for parents. Will we send our kids to summer camp? Keep them home? Our poll show the exent of the indecision.

Coronavirus creativity: Phoenix family builds — and shares — a Kind Cart

To connect with neighbors at a time of social distancing, the Olson family of north Phoenix built a Kind Cart, a moveable neighborhood painting experience like the one they have always enjoyed at the Children's Museum of Phoenix.

Taking the family pet to the vet, during a pandemic

The newest member of our family needed a microchip and his next round of shots. In the era of COVID-19, how do you take the family pet to the vet?

A local pediatrician on pivoting, protecting patients and parenting during a pandemic

Children and masks, pediatric telemedicine, and scheduling wellness checks during a pandemic. We talked with board-certified pediatrician Jason Vargas, MD, of Cactus Children's Clinic in Glendale.

Six decades of excellent Earth Day books for kids

From "The Lorax" by Dr. Suess in the 1970s to the creative and insightful environment-themed books of today, Earth Day books continue the celebration of our planet all year round.

Pandemic Parenting: Concerns about how our children are processing all of this

Children and teens are responding to this unprecedented crisis very differently — from acting out to shutting down to going with the flow.

Autism Academy works to keep its community connected

The Autism Academy is working to devise the best possible strategies to deliver online instruction to students on various ends of the autism spectrum.

6 things you can do at home to celebrate Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day. This year we'll have to celebrate with online resources, activities and events to explore our planet.

Pandemic Parenting Town Hall: How to talk about COVID-19 with kids of different ages

Welcome to Pandemic Parenting Town Hall. All this week, Raising Arizona Kids will be addressing your questions and concerns impacting your family and providing...

Celebrating National Library Week — at home, online and in our hearts

April 19-25 is National Library Week, when libraries across the Valley would usually be hosting all sorts on on-site celebrations. This year is different.

30 Years of Raising Arizona Kids

The shelves of storage boxes take up nearly a full wall on the south side of our garage. I fight off the dust and...

Party Articles

Out-of-the Box Birthday Party Ideas

Wanting to do something a little extra special for your child’s next birthday party? Maybe it’s a milestone birthday—like turning double digits or entering...

Party Etiquette

Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one, you may be wondering—do people really RSVP anymore? What about goodie bags, are those still a...

How to Throw a Birthday Party that Won’t Break the Bank

I remember the days when birthday parties consisted of colorful balloons, streamers, a simple cake, and the classics like musical chairs and tag with...

How to do a drive-by birthday party

As we get deeper into quarantine, people have gotten creative with birthday celebrations. One result: the drive-by birthday party.

Home pool party? Hire a lifeguard!

Drowning happens silently and quickly. That’s why children are at risk even when — and sometimes especially when — adults are nearby. Even a "designated...