Take Advantage of School Breaks to Talk Money With Your Kids

By Anne Landers, Vice President, Strategic Impact- Junior Achievement of Arizona Whether it’s Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer, time off from school can bring loads...

Why grandparents play a key role in their grandkids’ financial literacy

Grandparents occupy a unique role in the lives of grandchildren. Their experiences provide wisdom and guidance, and they often challenge their grandchildren in more...

Savvy Summers – Teaching Kids to Earn Over Summer Break

By Rachel Caballero, Community Development Manager at TruWest Credit Union Kids have been working hard all year and probably looking forward to the long-awaited break....

Getting Started with Credit

There are so many things to think about as a teenager – prom, graduation, attending college or trade school...

Ready. Set. Save!

How to Help Your Kids Set and Achieve Smart Savings Goals

Savings Tips for Preschoolers

Learning the concept of savings at an early age may seem a bit advanced, but with financial education being so important, why not start early?

5 Quick and Easy Tips To Save Money on Your Next Family Vacation

With summer right around the corner and more of the world slowly starting to reopen, now is the perfect time to start planning for your next family vacation.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Life can be complicated, but meal planning doesn’t have to be. As moms, we’re committed to making good food for our family, but many of...

Buying groceries on a budget

According to the USDA, the average monthly food costs for a family of four is $1,120.90 as of the latest data in 2021. If...

Financial tips for single parents

1. What are the biggest financial challenges single mothers face? Having enough to cover their children’s needs and their own. Planning for retirement, college...

Budgeting Q&A for the new year

Money is one of the most common arguments for married couples so it’s no surprise that it’s also a common New Year’s resolution. Whether...

Money Smart: Kick off a New Year of Saving

Map out your child’s financial journey with lessons for every age group Good money habits start early. From the time kids are walking and talking, their...



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