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Were you “weekending” on your first free weekend?

"What are you doing during your first real weekend following the May 15 expiration of Arizona’s official stay-at-home order?" It didn't seem like a loaded...

Dining and distancing: Mesa family shares their experience

Rebecca Powers of Mesa took her 12-year-old son Jaxson to lunch Tuesday at one of their favorite local restaurants — BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery...

Restaurants reopen to a rush of relief, and remaining mixed feelings

Early Monday evening was just as busy as a weekend happy hour at the O.H.S.O. Eatery and nano-Brewery, thanks to a reopening rush. O.H.S.O....

Pandemic Parenting Poll: Lots of apprehension about the state reopening some businesses

Nearly three-quarters of Arizona families are opposed to — or undecided about — the state’s decision to partially reopen some services starting this week,...

Arizona Attorney General’s Office moves community outreach and support online

The challenges facing our nation as we address the coronavirus pandemic have many of us switching gears and adapting to a different way of...

Stay-at-home order extends through May 15, “partial reopening” begins Monday

Not much will change about how we're living and working when April 30 arrives. The original date set for relaxing pandemic-imposed stay-at-home orders has...

Pandemic Parenting Poll results show extent of the summer camp uncertainty

The pandemic has brought tough choices for parents. Will we send our kids to summer camp? Keep them home? Our poll show the exent of the indecision.

A local pediatrician on pivoting, protecting patients and parenting during a pandemic

Children and masks, pediatric telemedicine, and scheduling wellness checks during a pandemic. We talked with board-certified pediatrician Jason Vargas, MD, of Cactus Children's Clinic in Glendale.

Pandemic Parenting: Concerns about how our children are processing all of this

Children and teens are responding to this unprecedented crisis very differently — from acting out to shutting down to going with the flow.

Coronavirus and the consequences of meeting basic needs

This hoarding thing made my parents' risky trips to the store an exercise in frustration, and increased the need for them to try it more frequently. So I made what many in today's altered world would consider a stupid, reckless decision.

AAP urges healthy discipline measures as parents face unprecedented level of stress

Pediatricians fear an increase in incidences of child abuse given the unprecedented levels of stress families face because of the coronavirus.

Updated: Organizations offering child care during school closures

Working parents are scrambling to find child-care options in the wake of school closures to stop the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19. We're constantly updating this list of available options.

Our staff — and some local moms — share creative solutions to social distancing

Local parents are using creativity to confront this unexpected time of social distancing and sheltering at home. Here are three of our favorites.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act is a done deal

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act allocates $100 billion in aid for families during the pandemic crisis. And more help may be on the way.

Local school districts scramble to provide meals for kids during school closures

With Arizona schools closed until at least April 10, schools and districts are trying to provide meals to tens of thousands of children. Here's how.

Frustration, fear and gratitude: My countdown with coronavirus testing

If my case is representative of how testing is being handled nationwide, I can't help wondering how long it's going to take for coronavirus to be contained.



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