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Happy trails! Try hiking as a family at these favorite scenic spots

As we head out for any adventure, big or small, we keep our destination a secret from the kids. Most of the time, we’re...

Parenting hack: Here’s a week of easy go-to family meals

Meal planning is my jam. This process is essential for my family to function. Planning brings calmness and clarity to our typically over-scheduled weeks...

What will you do if your child chokes?

Raise your hand if you worry a lot as a parent. *raises hand*. I worry about a lot of things that I probably shouldn’t but...

No More Teal Pumpkins

Have you ever had one of those moments that you can replay over and over in your head and the details are so clear...

Scary-Good Tips for Fighting Dental Anxiety

Forget ghosts and goblins, because it turns out there is something scaring many children far more: the dentist.

Sprouts food blogger Emily Dixon shares healthy Fall family meals

A Gilbert mother of two, Emily Dixon knows firsthand the challenges of getting dinner on the table quickly. But Dixon insists family meals don’t...

Probiotics for kids: what you need to know

SPONSORED CONTENT By Justin Marsh, CEO of Arthur Andrew Medical As most parents have experienced, kids face stomach bugs, colds, constipation, diarrhea and other common ailments...

Pediatricians: RSV infections are on the rise

With mask-wearing and physical distancing for COVID-19, there were fewer cases of respiratory syncytial virus (known as RSV) in 2020. But RSV activity is...

Four Back-to-School Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy

Back-to-school season is finally here. To avoid sick days this school year, here are some great tips for keeping kids healthy and strong.

Pseudo safety in the water

I taught swimming lessons for almost 20 years and always emphasized that very young children do not have the judgment or cognitive memory to respond reliably in a potential drowning situation.

Ask a pediatrician: Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe for my child?

As the new Delta Variant of COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the United States, it’s increasingly important that families get eligible kids and adults...

D-Backs host free family vaccination event at Chase Field

The Arizona Diamondbacks — in partnership with the Arizona Department of Health Services and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona — will host a...

Reduce your family’s drowning risk

Drownings are lightning fast and silent. Make simple changes now to help reduce any family’s risk of drowning.

Post-pandemic mental health: Will the kids be all right?

Parents and educators continue to worry about the mental health fallout from teens being physically isolated from friends, teachers and extended family members during...

Statistics don’t matter if it’s your kid who drowns

Guest post by Jeff Weiss, MD As a pediatric hospitalist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, I have cared for many children who were non-fatal drowning victims....

AAP recommends all children 12 and older get the COVID-19 vaccine

In a new policy statement published today, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends vaccinating all children ages 12 and older who are eligible...



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