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Make Everyday Valentine’s Day

Roses, chocolates, and jewelry are a fun way to celebrate your love...

October Date Night Round Up

We know how hard it is to find a great date night place to get away for the evening. We round up some great...

3 ways to celebrate date night during a pandemic

Like everything this past year, Valentine’s Day 2021 will be different. We’re all contending with limited childcare options. Add in our three young kids,...

4th Trimester Arizona hosts March 7 conference at i.d.e.a. Museum in Mesa

The 4th Trimester Arizona — a nonprofit that works to support and empower Arizona families during their transition to parenthood — hosts its third...

“Love You Hard” author Abby Maslin talks balance, resilience and rebuilding a family

Most of us gain perspective in tiny increments, from a steady drip of experiences that push us to accept, adjust, reframe and recalibrate our...

“Love You Hard” author Abby Maslin at Changing Hands Tempe on Friday, March 22

A young mom and teacher who spent much of her childhood in Phoenix will visit Changing Hands Tempe on Friday to discuss her new...

Sex after kids: The truth (Be realistic, be patient and keep trying)

Written by Maggie Zehring My husband Nick and I both wish we’d been more realistic about what to expect after having kids. We knew sleep...

Parents night out: 30 date ideas for Valentine’s Day and beyond

When is the last time you and your significant other went on real date? One with hand-holding and conversation that wasn’t all about the...

Parents night out ideas to start the new year

A parents night out is a fun way to unwind and enjoy relationships with your friends or spouse/partner. Here are some ideas to get...

Meet our #HowWeMet winner

This was such a tough decision! We got 170 entries for our #HowWeMet contest. Almost all of them were funny, sweet, poignant, moving, inspiring...

Finding time as a couple…after kids

As all new parents find out rather quickly, having a child can completely shift the family dynamic. As first-time moms and dads begin to...

That was a cold swish!

Now my husband and I were shifting into hard sell mode. We whipped out my lap top and pulled up a U-tube of Hacksaw and Hammer effortlessly spinning basketballs on their fingers and balancing them on their noses. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. It took about 20 seconds and one particularly humorous play in which Flip loses his shirt and shorts and powers down the court in his underwear before Eli was hooked.

I swear! It’s true

I acknowledge that I am surely the only parent who continuously breaks the unwritten rule to use only Websteresque appropriate language in the presence of children. But have you checked the dictionary lately? Not that this makes it right, but the “F” word is in there, right between “fucoid” (relating to or resembling the rockweeds) and “fuchsite” (a greenish variety of muscovite, high in chromium).

Kids say the darndest things

“She did nothing. Like she always does,” he said in a cheery, non-judgmental tone. He was simply stating a fact, as he knew it. I was crushed. Memories of my tween pals and me sitting around after school lamenting the uselessness of our stay-at-home mothers flooded my memory banks. Pay-back really is a bitch.

Leggo my Eggo!

He was so irked that he placed a leftover empty salad plate at the edge of the table to tempt one of the passing waiters. But as soon as she eyed it and moved in for the kill, he swept his napkin over it and slid it to safety beneath the table. Then, not finding this at all amusing, she outstretched her hand like a stern school teacher who had discovered the classroom clown hiding a perilous pea-shooter. “I’m going to take it anyway,” she chastised, “so you might as well give it up.”

Going beyond dinner and a movie

When my husband and I were first dating, we came across a beat-up desk in a second-hand store. We spent many evenings over the...



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