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Go live with a car battery…

Unconditional love is the culprit of all rotten behavior.

Honesty is…usually the best policy

It can’t be easy to learn that your cherished mother was once a toothless carnie or a handsomely paid exotic dancer.

A bird in the hand…

Do you ever just get tired? I do. Today I’m tired. I’m tired of beating around bushes, meeting people half way, putting my nose to the grindstone...

Preview of coming attractions…

I feel like I’m sitting at Harkin’s watching my very own preview of coming attractions. and much like I often feel at the theatre, the previews are too detailed, too graphic, and they ruin the movie by telling you exactly what’s “coming soon.”

Birthday blunder

Finally he was acting like a normal kid which gave me the opportunity to act like a normal parent. Maybe for once I could get him some stuff that would make him happy, even if it was only a fleeting happiness.

Breaking up is hard to undo

I never in a million years would have thought that my failure to acknowledge her torrential toilet would have caused the total demise of our friendship.

What I learned from the daily funnies.

There’s always a window that’s lowered by a millimeter, a woman’s hair is slightly shorter, a man’s polka-dotted tie turns to stripes. It’s really not so hard. So why am I blinded to these seemingly obvious differences?

My summer vacation (from parenting)

I’m a firm believer in absence making the heart grow fonder. Sometimes I think the whole purpose of going away is to get that rush of coming home feelings.

A real life email to my husband during tense economic times

There's even a show for Moms addicted to energy drinks. Figures I gave up my Red Bull a few years ago.

Give me back my Kindle!

I’m okay sharing my bank account, my bed, my body, my children, my soul etc... But don’t ask me to share my Kindle! Look,...


This being Thanksgiving weekend, I started to think about all the things I’m thankful for: I’m thankful that my family is well and happy (most...

The dreaded Jacu bird

That's it, my crazy husband has gone too far!

Keeping families in synch

The relationship between parent and child is like a dance, says Lorenzo Azzi, Ph.D., a psychologist for the Good Fit Counseling Center in Phoenix....

Parental alienation

EDITOR’S NOTE: Names and some descriptive details have been changed to protect the privacy of the family. This may be the eighth Christmas that Beth...



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