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Georgie and the Giant Germ helps kids (and parents) process COVID-19 anxiety

Georgie and the Giant Germ might look like a coloring book for kids — and it is. But it's also a guidebook for parents...

Being a mom: What’s changed, what hasn’t, in 30 years

A young East Valley mother talks with her own mom about parenting challenges both new and timeless.

Is screen time a COVID-19 parenting panacea? I wish!

Screen time. In my mind, this term stands for a conglomeration of tablet-based kids’ games, Cosmic Kids Yoga, and — most of all —...

Common Sense launches Parent Trapped podcast for families sheltered at home

Parent Trapped, a new podcast, aims to offer comic relief — along with common sense advice — for parents who fear they are dropping...

Mother’s Day: The Coronavirus Edition

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and we all know brunches, spa days and many of the usual traditions and gifts are not going to...

Surprise! Self-isolation suddenly puts self-care center stage

With newfound “me time” during the coronavirus lockdown, local moms are prioritizing self-care, and finding creative ways to recharge.

How to do a drive-by birthday party

As we get deeper into quarantine, people have gotten creative with birthday celebrations. One result: the drive-by birthday party.

Family Friday: Maintaining connection in the midst of a pandemic

Even though the world is unpredictable right now, children need to experience predictability within their family environment. There are many fun and playful opportunities to maintain the connection.

Work Together Wednesday: It takes teamwork to build a baby’s brain

Consistent, responsive, stable relationships with caring adults are the foundation for strong neural connections. Research shows these interactions support a child’s language and literacy development. Consider it an active, back-and-forth experience, like playing tennis.

COVID-19 poses added challenges to co-parenting and custody arrangments

Co-parenting in the time of COVID-19 has just become a whole new obstacle course. To help, the Arizona Supreme Court recently weighed in with a set of guidelines for co-parenting arrangements.

Our staff — and some local moms — share creative solutions to social distancing

Local parents are using creativity to confront this unexpected time of social distancing and sheltering at home. Here are three of our favorites.

Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee: Kids need to learn money-management basics

“Financial education empowers young people to achieve financial freedom so they can attain their personal and professional goals,” Kimberly Yee explains.

Happiness is … (Reflections on life and parenting)

You find happiness in the tiny things that surround you, but you have to pay attention. And the best way to give it to your children is to find it yourself.

Breastfeeding 101: Modern Milk owner shares common breastfeeding hurdles, plus tips

Stephanie Nguyen, a registered nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, started Modern Milk as a gathering spot where new moms could find breastfeeding...

One mom’s journey: Tips for breastfeeding — when you’re over it!

Breastfeeding my boys has been a privilege and a burden. To be able to breastfeed and pump has both saved money and taken a...

4th Trimester Arizona hosts March 7 conference at i.d.e.a. Museum in Mesa

The 4th Trimester Arizona — a nonprofit that works to support and empower Arizona families during their transition to parenthood — hosts its third...



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