Television woes

A study in Pediatrics tells us that all kinds of television can be bad for children age 3 and younger because it increases the...

To tell or not to tell

If you haven't yet fielded questions like these from your tweens, you will. Invest some time now in thinking about how you'll respond. A...

It’s so frustrating!

Frustration hits and toddlers and preschoolers often dissolve. They wanted red cups; you gave them the blue. The pony tail is not high enough,...

Not your grandma’s cloth diapers

Gone are the days of sharp diaper pins and hot, sweaty plastic pants. Your grandma would be jealous of today’s hip, stylish, convenient cloth...

Parenting hacks: How to keep toddlers busy — without screens

If you are 2 or 3 or 4, what are you interested in doing? You really like hiding in boxes and popping out to...

When Daddy’s in charge

When I took my 4-year-old daughter Ellis with me to visit my sister in Boston, it was more than an opportunity to look at...

INTERVIEW: Deborah Brewer

It is three days before the due date for her second child and less than a week since her family moved into their new...



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