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Healthy Love Habits: Summer Lovin’ Yourself to benefit your relationship

If I love myself—my relationship will improve. Tell me more, tell me more! A loving relationship depends upon loving yourself first.  According to renowned relationship and...

Scottsdale Community College Program Helps Parents Hoping to Re-Enter the Workforce

Whether you’ve been a stay-at-home parent for years looking to return to work outside the house, or are simply ready for a career change,...

May is Officially Maternal Mental Health Month in Arizona

May has officially been declared Maternal Mental Health Month in Arizona. As someone who's recently been through pregnancy and is still in the midst of...

Make Everyday Valentine’s Day

Roses, chocolates, and jewelry are a fun way to celebrate your love...

8 life lessons from the pandemic

“Hello world!” I say, as I step outside, blinking into the glare of a world turned upside down by COVID-19, a world that is...

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate you!

There’s a disturbing trend I’ve noticed becoming more fashionable over the years. I call it the scourge of the Valentine’s Day Grinch. You’ve probably...

Finding the right words as 2020 fades away

Welcome to a new day! That’s what I imagine myself saying as I rise from bed on Jan. 1, 2021. I want to believe that...

The quiet blessings of “interesting times”

Perhaps it takes living in “interesting times,” to recognize quiet blessings — the birds at the windowsill, the butterflies in the garden.

My mother, a Holocaust survivor, distilled life’s lessons to three profound basics

Maybe I was in denial. My mother seemed immortal. Marianne Greenblum, the feisty Holocaust survivor “who never looked back” (my brother’s words), was still...



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