Astronaut exhibit at Arizona Science Center explores life outside of Earth

Astronaut, a new interactive and hands-on exhibition, is landing at the Arizona Science Center Feb. 6-May 31, along with a “space lab” promising visitors...

Learning ReimaginED is a one-stop portal for STEAM curriculum

The City of Mesa Arts and Culture Department has launched Learning ReimaginED, a virtual portal offering STEAM curriculum — science, technology, engineering, the arts...

Sari on Science: Learn about paleontology via cookie “excavation”

What’s your favorite dinosaur? Don’t worry, there’s no wrong answer — because, as my daughter would tell you, all dinosaurs are awesome! But if...

Sari on Science: Make magical “dancing” milk

Looking for activities to keep your family busy while staying home? All you need to do is take a look around your kitchen. Chemistry...

Sari on Science: A simple at-home activity for explaining a pandemic

Thank you to everyone who is staying home, social distancing and wearing a mask to protect others during this COVID-19 pandemic. We are living...

Midwestern University extends deadline to apply for summer health careers institute

Midwestern University has extended the deadline for teens to apply to the seven-day summer Health Careers Institute for High School Students.

Here’s how to make an easy, science-based DIY hand sanitizer

As concerns about coronavirus continue, Arizona Science Center's Sari Custer offers this science-based DIY hand sanitizer recipe that meets CDC standards.

Sari on Science: Making cabbage chemistry rainbows

Try this red cabbage activity from Arizona Science Center's Sari Custer and make a rainbow of kitchen chemistry fun!

Sari on Science: For Valentine’s Day, make color-changing flowers

When you give a flower a drink of water, where does the water go? My daughter and I recently investigated this very question, and...

Sari on Science: DIY bath bombs make great gifts

What’s more fun than bathtub bubbles? With DIY bath bombs you can customize all your scents and colors for custom science gift-giving.

What we found at the Arizona Science Center’s new “Victoria the T. rex” exhibit

"Victoria the T. rex" is as awe-inspiring as one would hope of a giant dino exhibit. The 66 million-year-old dinosaur fossil, on display through...

Sari on Science: Explain the formation of fossils with this fun, at-home activity

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? My daughter and I both love these prehistoric creatures, so imagine her surprise when she asked me if she could...

Sari on Science: How to make spooky “crystal ball” bubbles

Halloween is my favorite holiday. The ghosts, the goblins, the candy — and all the special effects you can dream up! Every Halloween, our...

Sari on Science: Super-secret spy messages … via banana!

My daughter started kindergarten this year, so I’m packing her daily lunches for the first time. As I was admiring our new collection of...

Sari on Science: Try an apple mummification experiment

When you think of mummies, you probably think of Egypt — or a certain series of Hollywood movies. But actually, mummies have been found...

6 ways to help young girls grow into STEM careers

As the father of a 6-year-old daughter and the director of the Scottsdale-based kids coding academy CodaKid, I have a special interest in getting...



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