I am a camera

I’m sitting at my computer watching a slide show of photos of happy kids, untroubled parents and a family that clearly loves life, each other and having fun. Who are these people?

Keeping up with chores online

Zach Murset is a typical 13-year-old with a busy schedule. Awake by 5 a.m., he hurries through his list of chores before breakfast. After...

What does this say for the love of God???

You know how you always have to verify a weirdly distorted word before you can get to a certain website or access some personal account information? Well, half the time the word's so flippin’ distorted that unless you yourself were tripping on LSD, there’s no way to distinguish most of the letters. I seriously spent like 15 minutes this afternoon staring at what I thought was the word “paramour.” Apparently it wasn’t...

Valentine’s Day unplugged

I made it through the winter holidays and I don’t plan to commemorate Cupid by caving. I refuse to buy a Nintendo DS, iPod...

Fried at “Fry’s”

Yesterday my eldest son got electrocuted at Fry's Electronics. The irony of that is not wasted on me...

The power of a Twinkie

“4 out of 5 Dentists recommend sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum.” Do you remember that slogan? What does that mean? That one out of every 5 dentists recommend sugar-saturated Bubble Yum over the sugar-free alternative?

The good, the bad and the ugly

I was stunned and horrified. Could this be true? Was I living in some kind of Tipper Gore world of censorship without even knowing it. I wanted to race out and watch “Seven Pounds,” or “The boy in Striped Pajamas.”

He’s driving me crazy!!!

    I am an enabler. Really, I am. I’m like the classic example of someone stuck in a destructive relationship. I make excuses for indefensible...

A real life email to my husband during tense economic times

There's even a show for Moms addicted to energy drinks. Figures I gave up my Red Bull a few years ago.

I hate Mario Kart!

If I don’t share their interest in Mario Kart, what’s next? Suddenly, I can’t stand their music, don’t like their friends, don’t know anything about what interests them. They become goth, start smoking cigarettes to be cool, go off to college, get a slew of body piercings, bad grades, and stds and I have only myself to blame.

Give me back my Kindle!

I’m okay sharing my bank account, my bed, my body, my children, my soul etc... But don’t ask me to share my Kindle! Look,...

Bedroom TVs?

Q: It seems like more kids—even young children—have TVs in their bedrooms these days. Is this a good idea? According to the American Academy...



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