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Ditch the Hustle & Grind for Ease & Flow

By Marilynn Reis Sonier We start out with stars in our eyes and a fire in our souls. Women today are encouraged to excel and...

Mama, Let Guilt Be Your Guide

  By: Marilynn Reis Sonier Do you feel it? That pain in your stomach, the pressure in your chest, or the sadness in your heart that...

How I do it

People sometimes say to me, “I don’t know how you do it all.” But the truth is, I am not much different than most...

Parenting hack: Here’s a week of easy go-to family meals

Meal planning is my jam. This process is essential for my family to function. Planning brings calmness and clarity to our typically over-scheduled weeks...

How Arizona families are working and parenting in the COVID-19 era

For working parents in Arizona, it hasn't been easy the last few weeks as coronavirus safety measures ramp up and everyone stays home.

Updated: Organizations offering child care during school closures

Working parents are scrambling to find child-care options in the wake of school closures to stop the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19. We're constantly updating this list of available options.

Happiness is … (Reflections on life and parenting)

You find happiness in the tiny things that surround you, but you have to pay attention. And the best way to give it to your children is to find it yourself.

Q&A with child and families advocate Siman Qaasim of Children’s Action Alliance

Siman Qaasim took the reins at Children's Action Alliance last fall. She talks about current legislative priorities and balancing work with parenting teens.

4th Trimester Arizona hosts March 7 conference at i.d.e.a. Museum in Mesa

The 4th Trimester Arizona — a nonprofit that works to support and empower Arizona families during their transition to parenthood — hosts its third...

Drama Free Homework: Help kids create solid routines that boost life skills

As a former elementary school teacher, JoAnn Crohn knows what it’s like to assign homework and have it come back undone. As a Chandler...

New kids shuttle services offer transportation options for busy Valley parents

Ever had trouble getting a kid to soccer practice, dance class or even picked up from school on time? If so, you're not alone. It's...

7 lessons your kids will learn from family travel

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of...

Parenting hack: Beating the summer heat with ages 3 and younger

There’s something especially crazed about having three small children in my home during the summer. I remember sipping my morning coffee last May literally...

“Love You Hard” author Abby Maslin talks balance, resilience and rebuilding a family

Most of us gain perspective in tiny increments, from a steady drip of experiences that push us to accept, adjust, reframe and recalibrate our...

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego on motherhood, mindfulness and her vision for America’s fifth largest city

In March, when Kate Gallego was inaugurated as the 61st mayor of the City of Phoenix, she made her priorities abundantly clear. The ceremony,...

Going from one to two (or more) kids: The challenges, parenting hacks and let-it-gos

Written by Maggie Zehring Our household boasts three cribs, two bunk beds and dressers filled with at least $100 in diapers every month. We own...



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