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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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PEN Phoenix supports families facing learning and attention differences

As a preschooler, Colin Erfle struggled to learn the names of colors. He couldn’t memorize the ABCs. Rhyming was tough. “He couldn’t memorize our phone number,” recalls his mother, Julie Erfle, of Phoenix. “I couldn’t teach him the names of the letters. He would spell his name ‘C, circle, straight line, dotted line, hump.’” Colin […]

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So much different, and so much the same

The first time we published an article about autism was in November 2001. Writer Lynn Trimble interviewed a number of Valley parents whose children have autism, including Denise Resnik, co-founder of what is now the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, or SARRC. Denise told us about her son Matthew, then 9, and the challenges […]

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