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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Artplay helps children through expressive therapy

When Phoenix resident Liz Tomko founded Artplay in 2010, she traveled among pediatric offices to provide expressive arts therapy for young patients facing mostly physical ailments. But Tomko also wanted to focus on children’s emotional needs. She opened her own location three years ago, then moved to a new space in Central Phoenix last November. […]

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ROBIN BLITZ on raising kids with ADHD – “It takes a lot of energy”

As a developmental pediatrician at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Robin Blitz, MD, takes care of young patients with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other disorders. At home, while raising two boys of her own, she’s learned firsthand how to navigate the rough waters of an ADHD diagnosis. Blitz talks about coping skills, management plans and keeping […]

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Banish biting behavior

By Douglas Albrecht, Ph.D. In the last Babies to Big Kids blog from my colleague Lorenzo Azzi (“Managing meltdowns”), a parent commented specifically about dealing with biting. Many of Dr. Azzi’s suggestions apply to biting issues, and I wanted to offer up some additional help and support for parents of toddlers who may be going through […]

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Meds Q & A

Answers to some of the most common questions developmental and behavioral pediatricians receive surrounding meds.

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The medication equation

There is a lot of misinformation about medication, especially in what you read online and perhaps even what you hear from other parents. It can be daunting to wade through this information and determine what is fact and what is fiction.

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To do or not to do

To Do or Not To Do…that is every ADDer’s question. And now that it’s SUMMER, that one question has so many possible answers. DO is probably the right one, but oohhh NOT just feels so good.  After a school year punctuated by IEPs, testing, late or missing homework, meetings with a plethora of specialists and last minute scrambles […]

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In some parts of the country the month of April is known for its “showers,” which bring May flowers. Here in Arizona we’ve already gotten our winter rain and our March wildflowers. So what do we say about April here? It’s AIMS month, typically muttered with dread all in one breath as  in OMG — AIMS. […]

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