Cabin camping at Arizona State Parks – all of the fun and none of the “roughing it”

    Roper Lake State Park, cabin camping, cabin rental, Arizona State Parks
    Nighttime view of a cabin available to rent at Roper Lake State Park. Photos courtesy of Arizona State Parks.

    If you are hearing the call of the great outdoors, Arizona State Parks is answering. The parks agency recently added new cabins to its already popular cabin rental program.

    For families, that means access to 28 cabins at four locations throughout the state.

    “It’s so nice, because you don’t have to own a tent and you don’t have to have an RV to go camping,” says Glenn Schlottman, chief of marketing for Arizona State Parks. “What you do need to have is your own bedding and food storage, but each cabin has electricity, air conditioning and heat, and each campsite has its own barbecue as well as picnic table—and is in within walking distance to restrooms and showers.”

    The new cabins are at Lyman Lake State Park and Alamo Lake State Park. Cabins can also be found at Dead Horse Ranch State Park and Roper Lake State Park. And while the prices may vary depending upon location, they begin at $60 a night, with a $5 rental fee, and even the “high end” cabins are only $75 a night.

    Cabins can be rented for up to 14 days, depending upon availability.

    “You can go out to the park and stay in a temperature-controlled cabin and enjoy the outdoors without having your own equipment,” says Schlottman. He advises making reservations well in advance.

    “Some families with older children might rent one for themselves and one for the kids. Or extended families can come in and the grandparents can stay in one cabin while mom and dad and the kids can have another,” says Schlottman. Large groups like hiking clubs often book several cabins at at time.

    “Another great thing is that for the lake parks—and even at Dead Horse State Park, where there are lagoons—there are opportunities get out on the water,” Schlottman says. “It’s also a good idea to check the parks event calendar to find out about ranger talks, which are often offered near the cabin sites and are free of charge.”

    It might not be too difficult to trade in all the “roughing it” usually associated with being in the great outdoors. The folks at Arizona State Parks like to say, “Welcome to the camping cabin, [our] version of glamping!”

    Learn more: Call 1-877-MY-PARKS (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily) or visit

    Editor’s update – Jan. 25, 2017: Cabins are now availalable at Kartchner Caverns, offering a comfortable stay within walking distance from the cave and Discovery Center.

    Roper Lake State Park, cabin camping, cabin rental, Arizona State Parks
    Daytime view of a Roper Lake State Park camping cabin.