Pregnancy pampering – nurturing the mom-to-be

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    Pregnancy is tough. Making time for a little self-care can help.

    Sleepless nights, back pain and limited mobility are only a few of the symptoms that plague pregnant women. Carrying a baby is hard work and moms-to-be deserve some pampering. Here are some ways to ease the pregnancy woes.


    Book an appointment at a local nail salon like M3V The Nail Bar in north Phoenix, where you can sink into a comfy chair, enjoy juices at the beverage bar and relax by thumbing through a magazine or watching television. Massage Envy Spas and Clinics offer prenatal massages. Well & Being at Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort features a special massage table equipped for pregnant women.

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    The Centers for Disease Control encourage healthy pregnant women to include at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week as part of their routine. Choose an exercise regimen you will enjoy. Barre 3  (locations in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Tucson) offers a chance to combine ballet barre and Pilates to strengthen overall fitness. Prenatal yoga classes at floo-id YOGA in north Phoenix focus on breathing and flexibility.

    Invest in sleep

    Getting a good night’s sleep is integral to maintaining your well-being, but sleeping is difficult when you are pregnant. You can’t find a comfortable position and you toss and turn throughout the night. A body pillow will help you find support for your back, belly and legs. Target offers a Boppy three-piece custom pillow for less than $60 in stores or online.

    Look your best to feel your best

    Who says fashion can’t be a part of your pregnancy look? Embrace your new shape and choose colors that accentuate that pregnancy glow. Several local stores specialize in maternity wear, including Destination Maternity and A Pea in the Pod in Scottsdale, whose . With designers focusing on stylish maternity wear, you are bound to find a few pieces to make you feel great.

    Lean on friends 

    Relying on friends for support while you are pregnant is a must. Carve out time for a girls’ night or a weekend brunch. Schedule phone time with your favorite gal pals. A good support system will help you navigate your feelings, confess your fears and feel less alone.

    Take your mind off the pregnancy

    Lighten your mood and take your mind off all things pregnancy. Catch a movie, laugh at jokes at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy Club in Phoenix or take a walk around the neighborhood. Try to keep a vibe of normalcy and remember life before you became pregnant.

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    Arm yourself with knowledge 

    Understanding what’s going on with your body and your emotions can help you feel more confident navigating the changes. Find comforting advice in “The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy.” If you prefer one-on-one advice, look to local pregnancy support groups like Modern Milk in Scottsdale or Nurturing Heart Birth Services,  based in Mesa. Talk with your doctor or other moms you feel certain will offer comforting advice.

    The most important rule to remember while you are pregnant is to relax and embrace the uncertainty. Before you know it, nine months will pass and you will be cuddling your newborn at home.