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How to choose a preschool or childcare program

  Choosing a preschool or childcare program for your child isn’t easy. It’s exciting to look for a program that will provide the foundation for...

Back to School- A Parent Prep Sheet

It’s almost time for parents to start thinking about the new school year. This can be an adjustment for everyone, from the kids who...

How I do it

People sometimes say to me, “I don’t know how you do it all.” But the truth is, I am not much different than most...

An investment in child care and preschool is an investment in children

Investing in our country’s youngest learners is key to their success in the future—and to ensuring parents can provide for their families today.

Join the Save Child Care Day of Action on Thursday, July 16

We are now entering the fifth month since schools closed in March, and while state and local education leaders debate the wisdom of reopening...



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