Learning differences and attention challenges

A student participates in a neurofeedback exercise at SIRRI Developmental Rehabilitation & Learning Center in Tempe. Photo by Daniel Friedman.
A student participates in a neurofeedback exercise at SIRRI Developmental Rehabilitation & Learning Center in Tempe. Photo by Daniel Friedman.

Sometimes a little extra education support can make all the difference to a child with learning or attention challenges. Here are some Arizona organizations that provide services ranging from one-on-one tutoring to high-tech brain training.

ADD Clinic
8114 E Cactus Rd #200, Scottsdale
480-424-7200 • add-clinic.com
State-of-the-art ADHD diagnosis and evaluation utilizing rating scales, interviewing, computerized testing and quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) topographic brain mapping.

Center for Attention Deficit and Learning Disorders
10229 N 92nd St #101, Scottsdale
480-314-4299 • centerforadd-az.com
Led by licensed psychologist and former school psychologist Sanford J. Silverman; center combines both traditional treatment options and innovative technology for the assessment and treatment of ADD/ADHD and learning disorders. Silverman is board certified in neurofeedback and specializes in treating ADD/ADHD in children and adults.

Diane Pollack, LLC
East Valley • 602-679-9222 • dianepollack.com
Arizona teaching certifications include special education, elementary education and reading specialist; specialized training includes the Spalding Method, Road to Reading and Handwriting Without Tears.

Dyslexia Pros
3334 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix • 602-633-2429
2034 E Southern Ave #L, Tempe • 480-755-2213
Testing, academic therapy, tutoring, advocacy and in-school support.

Valleywide• 800-ABC-MATH • kumon.com
Math and reading programs assist children with ADD/ADHD, autism, developmental delays and dyslexia.

LearningRx Cognitive Training Center
565 W Chandler Blvd #116, Chandler
480-855-9099 • learningrx.com
Brain training stimulates the brain to change and create new neural pathways through the application of research-validated methodology.

Linda Edgar’s Tutoring and Test Preparation
3613 N 45th Pl, Phoenix
602-795-6312 • lindaedgartutorandsatprep.com
Learning disabilities teacher and reading specialist.

10617 N Hayden Rd, Bldg B #101, Scottsdale
480-922-5675 • lindamoodbell.com
Programs focus on developing the sensory-cognitive processes that underlie reading and comprehension versus content instruction.

Moore Vision Skills
4045 E Union Hills Rd Bldg B #110, Phoenix
602-485-4444 • moorevisionskills.info
Personalized therapy programs to build/improve foundational visual skills required for learning, visual perceptual skills and visual logic.

On-Track Tutoring
16641 N 91st St, Scottsdale
480-563-5588 • ontracktutoring.com
Strategic Connections Executive Function Skills Training teaches kids and teens to plan, prioritize and organize effectively despite possible learning difficulties or attention deficits.

Rainbow Readers
480-999-4449 • rainbowreaders.com
Screening for dyslexia and use of Orton-Gillingham language education approach, a multisensory structured language program.

Reading Pro
4135 S Power Rd #112, Mesa
1815 E Queen Creek Rd #1, Chandler
480-434-1373 • readingpro.org
Private tutoring (specializing in dyslexia), handwriting camps, preschool enrichment classes.

4515 S McClintock Dr #208, Tempe
480-777-7075 • sirriaz.com
Programs to help improve balance, coordination, attention, focus, cognitive skills, memory and processing skills, auditory processing, visual and fine/gross motor skills, overall function and independence.

Sylvan Learning Center
Valleywide • 888-338-2283 • sylvanlearning.com
Beyond math, reading, writing and homework help available to all students; offers personal tutoring programs to pediatric patients with leukemia or lymphoma, during or post treatment.

The Dyslexia Connection
4545 N 36th St #207, Phoenix
602-478-8862 • dyslexiaconnection.com
Whitney Stein, MEd, offers private one-on-one tutoring on site, at your home, at your child’s school or via distance learning and Skype.

The International Dyslexia Association – Arizona Chapter
Promotes public awareness and understanding of dyslexia and related disorders through responsible dissemination of research-based knowledge. Members are educators, psychologists, speech and language pathologists, physicians, individuals with dyslexia and parents.

The Reading & Math Clinic
1840 E Warner Rd #119, Tempe
480-456-0500 • azreadingclinic.com
Evidence-based instruction to improve phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling and comprehension, math difficulties; free reading screenings for dyslexia (by appointment).

Wellington-Alexander Center
9821 E Bell Rd, #100, Scottsdale
480-629-4461 • wellingtonalexandercenter.com
Assessment and intensive intervention for those with dyslexia or other language-based learning challenges.

WOW! Custom Education
602-462-0298 • wowcustomeducation.com
Collaborates with teachers and administration to meet children’s unique needs; student advocacy, including issues related to special education and Section 504 plans.

More special needs resources

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