Evening at Desert Ridge

    The Mellis Calvert Duo performing.

    It’s a Friday evening and the kids want to go to the mall, but my husband is less than thrilled. The solution? Desert Ridge Marketplace! Where the girls can shop to their heart’s content, while we chill and take in a free concert.  Every Friday and Saturday evening there is free entertainment at both the District Stage and the AMC Fountain. They offer a variety of talented entertainers and this evening our friends, Carol Mellis (flute, vocals) and John Calvert (guitar)  aka the Mellis Calvert Duo, were performing at the AMC Fountain.  The girls went off to visit Claire’s and Hot Topic and Evan and I grabbed some smoothies from Paradise Bakery and settled in some cushioned chairs to enjoy this harmonious duo. We also found watching the children playing in the fountain immensely

    Children + water = a great time!

    entertaining. Some would approach the spraying water with trepidation, not wanting to get too wet, while others would go head first into the spray. There were kids in bathing suits and those fully clothed. It was also interesting to watch them interact with the water spraying up as they tried to keep time with the music. One little boy had a bucket and would scoop some water and then throw it up dramatically and watch it fall. There was a lot of families enjoying the end-of-summer evening and the atmosphere had that small-town community feel to it.

    Playing in the water and keeping time to the music.

    The girls returned with Cold Stone ice cream and settled down for the last bit of the concert. We left feeling relaxed and content  – not a bad evening at the mall!