What's new with you?

Today friends and family gather to share happy, or even hard, times. I’m reminded of the importance of a single question: What’s new with you?

Asking the question is all good and fine, but listening the the answer is where true connection lies. So I’m pausing today to consider all that’s new and wonderful — and sometimes even not so wonderful — in our lives.

I’m also reflecting on “the new” within the Valley’s arts scene, which I find infinitely more exciting than a new sweater or pair of shoes.

Today I offer my heartfelt thanks to those of you who read my art-related musings, and am pleased to share some of the things I feel especially grateful for…

New artists. Those entering and nearing graduation from art school. Those who just reached the first audition, first exhibition or first gig milestone. Those who come from behind in years to carry us forward in ideas and action. • New teachers. Those who take time from their own creation and crafting of art to inspire, teach and empower our next generation of painters, dancers, musicians, actors and other artists. • New arts organizations. Those whose passion is untempered by economic pessimism or the brutal realism of naysayers. Especially those started by young artists. • New arts venues. Those who enhance the economic and cultural vitality of surrounding communities. • New audience members. Those who’ve recently discovered the joys of experiencing and applauding the work of Valley authors, singers, filmmakers and other artists. • New works. Those who create, present or support them.

And so I ask: “What’s new with you?”

Let me know what your organization is up to — whether it’s arts education, arts advocacy, arts performance or another form of furthering our shared arts and culture.

I’m eager to listen — and to share your stories with our readers.

— Lynn