Painted fork flowers

Pointy fork flowers are particularly appropriate for kids growing up in the desert, where much of nature’s beauty has a prickly aspect to it.

With the desert in full bloom, we decided to create some flowers of our own.

This simple art project required very little prep work or guidance. Once I gave 3-year-old Grace the basic instructions (starting with painting the green grass), I added the flower stems. She enjoyed using the different colors of paint and it was interesting to watch her manipulate the fork to create flowers. I was surprised at how often she switched hands to get the flowers painted in the direction she wanted.

We extended this activity on a second piece of poster board by counting each “petal” as she went along.


Poster board
Paint brush
Plastic forks


Paint a green, grassy bottom followed by some flower stems.

Dip the fork prongs into the paint and press down on the tops of the stems.

Repeat multiple times, creating the flowers.

Grace paints the “grassy” bottom to her painting.
Mom added some the stems…
The last step is creating flowers with a plastic fork.

Posted by Mandy Bopp, of Phoenix, a professional musician and the mother of three children. She also blogs at

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