Preschool art: Make a paper flower garden

The idea behind creating a paper flower garden is to let your child use the materials freely, with as little interference as possible. It took a little bit of prep ahead of time to make sure I had enough pieces ready prior to starting.

paper flower
Use your imagination when cutting shapes from the construction paper.

What you need to make a paper flower garden:

  • Construction paper cut into various shapes: circles, squares, triangles, etc
  • Glue
  • Poster board

What to do:

Cut a variety of basic shapes along with some more flower-shaped pieces (leaves, stems, etc). Place the pieces in a muffin tin and give your child some basic instructions: to use the long, skinny pieces for stems and the rest of the pieces as petals. Little ones may need a some help gluing the more slender pieces. Add some grass-like fringe to complete the look.

Expand this craft by making more intricate flowers and or painting the background. Older children can create complex landscapes. Tie this project into a home-school science lesson as you explore different types of flowers or trees.

paper flower craft
The finished garden.