Fuzzy Santa beard craft

fuzzy Santa beard craft
Graces colors her Santa before she uses cotton balls to make his beard. Photos by Mandy Bopp.

Families are starting to decorate their homes for the holidays, but decorations don’t always have to be store bought. Often the most treasured ones are made by little hands. This simple yet engaging fuzzy Santa beard craft is popular at our house. My daughter Grace was occupied for well over 30 minutes as she and I painted Santas in many different colors.




Free Santa Face coloring page (we found many resources on Pinterest but decided on the one from the Free Coloring Pages website)
Red paint
Paint brush
Cotton balls


Paint the Santa hat red and color the rest of his face.

Apply glue to his beard area and fill in with cotton balls.

Grace uses glue and cotton balls to make a beard for the Santa she colored.

Phoenix mom Mandy Bopp is a professional musician and the mother of three children. She blogs at Almond Place.