An open letter of gratitude to my children’s teachers

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One mom’s note of gratitude to her children’s teachers: “I cannot thank you enough, from the bottom of my soul.”

This is dedicated to the many teachers and elementary school staff who have enriched my children’s lives; you know who you are!

I hope that I speak for other parents as well. I am in awe of what you do each day, and I am inspired by you. As I sit to write this much-deserved letter, I am contemplating the last 14 years of our lives. You see, I have been an elementary school mom for almost 14 years.

My youngest child is about to graduate from fifth grade and move on to middle school. It is time, but I am sad. I feel like I am losing an important and much-loved job. An identity. A purpose.

Despite my own inner turmoil, my primary emotion is gratitude.

YOU are the people who have helped me shape the human beings I am raising.

YOU are the kind and generous and giving people who have walked my children through many of their formative years.

Emilee Kelly opens a time capsule with her first-grade teacher, Marilyn Williams, at Laguna Elementary in Scottsdale.

YOU have taught them so many things.

YOU have given them countless opportunities to learn and grow.

YOU have made them feel safe, secure and loved.

YOU have made the light shine in their eyes.

YOU have inspired them and excited them.

YOU have spent countless hours performing a myriad of tasks to benefit my children, despite having children and families of your own to care for.

YOU have also walked beside me, conferenced with me, and spent time and energy helping me learn to best help my children through different situations.

Because of YOU, my children will carry with them always the wonderful memories of their time spent in elementary school.

I hope this message conveys the depth of my appreciation.  I cannot thank you enough, from the bottom of my soul.

The children that come after mine — each and every one — are so fortunate to have you for their teacher!